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gdwave Nov 20, 2002 9:50 AM

Canon G3 vs. Olympus 5050
Help !!!!! I just can't decide.

I have narrowed down my choices to these two.

Any help with Pros/Cons would be

geof Nov 27, 2002 9:44 AM

I am in the same dilema; here is how i see it: the olympus is less expensive, beautiful to hold, excellent optics and the ability to support cf, sm and xd cards. The only thing i do not like, is the lack of first hand tests on it anywhere.

cnw4002 Nov 27, 2002 11:58 AM

try looking around here.

Rokit Dec 1, 2002 9:23 AM

I was also having the same dilemna. There have been quite a few reviews of the G3 but not too many of the 5050. I initially went with the 5050 because it was cheaper, and becuase I am happy with my Olympus point and shoot camera. My brother has the G2 and so I did an informal comparison. In case you are wondering I am by no means an expert photographer. As far as photography is concerned I am a beginner, but I do know a lot about computers. On with my opinions.

Canon G2
-large and bulky
-LCD screens swivels 360 degrees
-easy, fast (for USB 1.1) transfers to the computer
-very easy to use for the beginner, no major adjustments needed to take fantastic pictures
-cannot use AA batteries
-3x zoom (G3 has a 4x zoom)
-half plastic case (G3 has an all plastic case)
-somewhat small grip for the right hand (G3 has a larger grip with more rubber)

Olympus C-5050
-smaller and more compact (still too bulky to fit in a pocket)
-LCD screens pops out and swivels only about 135 degrees (would have been nice if it swiveled at least 180 degrees)
-slow transfers to the computer that required some tweaking on my part to get the computer to recognize the camera (could cause some headache if you are not familiar with computers)
-outdoors pictures did not require major adjustments, but they were not as vivid as the G2
-indoors pictures required too many adjustments (i.e flash strength, ISO rating, aperature) to get a good picture, which in my opinion was not as crisp and colorful as the G2
-comes with rechargable AA batteries and charger
-3x zoom
-black magnesium alloy case
-solid rubber grip for the right hand

I realize that the G2 is not the G3 (no stores in my area have the G3 in stock), but the image quality and ease of use is comparable. In the end the Canon just seemed easier to use and has consistently produced great pictures for my brother. I am sure the Olympus can produce comparable pictures with some adjustments, but I don't have the patience or know-how to do that. I returned the C-5050 and will wait for the G3 to be in stock.

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