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Default Canon G3 vs Sony F717...Which one?


I need some help deciding on which camera to buy. I have narrowed down the choices to the Canon G3 and the Sony F717. Both are good cameras, and both take good pictures. However, both also have their faults. The canon has an optics problem where you can see the lense barrel when you focus wide. The Sony has a problem called "Memory-Stick" too small and too expensive. Which is a better camera? :roll:
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I have the F717 and a S50, which uses most of the same components of the G3. To me, the Canon produces a better image, not just in resolution, but also with respect to color. This is a highly subjective opinion I know, and I would recommend that you take some media to a local dealer and shoot a bit with both cameras. It's of great benefit to be able to pull up images from the cameras under consideration and take a good long look at your leasure...

Good Luck And Good Shooting!
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I have used both the G3 and the F717.

F717 has better zoom (5x as opposed to 4x) and 5MP as opposed to 4MP in the G3. The F717 also has a feature than allows the focus area to move depepnding on position on subject, as well as manual position of focus. The G3 only has only the manual position focus.

Both cameras power up relatively fast. G3 has the more compact design, thus more portable than F717. F717 lens is faster in telephoto modes, than G3.

G3's CCD seems noisy when set more than ISO50, whereas F717's seems somewhat cleaner at even ISO200.

Colours seem nicer on the G3 than F717, but that could be a personal preference.

Daylight focusing on both units are very good. Indoor focusing with F717 than G3 due to the F717's hologram laser assist focus system.

The F717 incorperates a "Night Frame" mode which allows photos using flash to be framed in dark environments where both conventional LCD or optical viewfinders see "black" but using infrared viewfinding.

Memory stick use in F717 is limited to 128Mb, which allows around 50 shots to be taken in highest resulution and fine mode. G3 can take either type I or II compact flash cards which are cheaper per Mb when compared to Memorystick. Compact flash type I is not limited like memory stick, and currently there is 1Gb capacity, with 2Gb nearly there. Type II compact flash allows the use of microdrives. Sony since the release of F717 has released a new range of memorysticks called "Memory Stick Pro". These sticks breaks the 128Mb limit, and 1Gb size is now available but can only be used on new Sony Digicams which have the memory stick pro feature, so possibly there may be a new replacement for F717 soon with support for these sticks.

I would recommend either camera, as they both have pros and cons. Decisions can be made based on formfactor, G3 is considerbly smaller than F717. The Carl Zeiss lens on the F717 delivers very sharp accurate picture even at 5x optical zoom, and the lens seems very fast in telephoto. G3 incoperates Canons latest DIGIC for low power use, and good colour rendition.

Mazor Serate
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