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Hello, I'm Matteo from Italy. Lately I've decided to buy a digital camera. Ireally like to take pictures, but I would like to have not a too big camera, even if I'm tring to find a quality camera to take nice pictures. What I mean is that I'm not a professionist, but I would like to take professionist pics and not the classic tourist pictures. Before I had an old not digital camera, and I'm spending most of my free time on taking pictures. Now, since I'm travelling a lot and walking a lot I need a camera not too heavy and big.

I don't know which one to buy between the canon powershot g5 and the casio exilim ex p600. I know that canon is an older brand, but the casio I rode that it has canon lens, 6 mp, 1 more then the canon g5, and it seems the casio is better since it has 1 mp more, it is smaller and lighter and it has a better resolution, but I would like to have an advice from an expert since here in Italy is really hard to have a good advice in the shops. I hope you can help me to decide, and if you can advice me about another digital camera better then the ones up here, you can tell me.I really Hope you understood my question and I hope you can help me through. Thanks in advance,

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Both Canon G5 and Casio Exilim EX-P600 are high-end comsumer digital cameras. In my personal oppinion, I think you should get theCanon G5. Frankly,G5 have a better design and a very convenient swirling LCD. In terms of image quality, G5 have lower noise level and more accurate color than the EX-P600.

Although the EW-P600 uses Canon lens,EX-P600 does not have the "Digic" processor which is a great advantage to G5.

The down side of the G5 is that it is more bigger than the EX-P600, and purple fringing might disturb you in some pictures. Also, the lens cap is very easily to come off which might result an scratched lens.

Still, in my view, Canon G5 is better than the Casio EX-P600. Another digital camera that might be competative to G5 and EX-P600 is the Sony F717.
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First, overall, 1 extra megapixel DOES NOT make a better picture.
Other things have to be considered the size of the CCD,the lens quality/coating's and the image processor.
Have you seen Steve's sample pictures on both cameras and his review/comments ?
For the Casio, take a look at the close-up of the flowers on the tree...WOW nice !
Take a look at the portrait shot of the guy...very sharp !
The picture of the M&M toy very sharp from the magazine's on the left to the clock on the right.
The Casio has some really impresive features that NO OTHER camera has. Among one of those is the 25 different Best Shot Scenes mode with a sample pic of what you should expect to see after you take the picture. This makes it EXTREMELY easy to make " professional " looking pic's for the non-professional. This would be a compact fun camera to have.
Some cameras when set at full wide angle causes a bit of softness especially around the edges. And so the Casio does as you can see in the brick buiding pic, however don't let that stop you from considering this camera !
If someone has to look around on your picture to find fault in the camera then you shouldn't have taken that picture.
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