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Insight Apr 7, 2004 4:16 AM

Canon G5 or Sony DSC-V1???
Excuse me for my english but i'm french!!!
So, i want to buy a digital camera but i don't know what choice take!!!
Can you help me in my choice?
The V1 is know for its good NR program contrary to the G5(from iso100)
But G5 has more luminous lens and f2!!
So i don't know what is the better choice between this two Digital cams!!
Please help me!
P.S. : can you answer me in a basic english!! :oops:

Greg Chappell Apr 7, 2004 10:52 AM

You really should go into a store and get both in your hands if anyone close by has both. I liked the feel and location of controls of the G5 better. It did not hurt that the G5 uses the same battery and compact flash cards as my Digital Rebel, too, so compatibility with my other equipment was important. I do not like the memory sticks you are forced to use with Sony. Sony have obviously heeded what others have said because the newer Sony models give users the option of using Compact Flash cards, but you are stuck on the V1 with the memory sticks.

I also look more to makers like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc., when it comes to still photography, be it film or digital. If I need a TV or CD player Sony is the brand I'd choose.

Insight Apr 7, 2004 12:27 PM

I've already get the G5 in my hands but not the V1(in fact i've already take the V1 in my hands but it didn't have power so i can't tested it!!)
I like the ergonomics of the G5 (i've got a Minolta dynax505si) and its vari-angle LCD screen!
But for you (who have the G5), what do you think about Purple fringing of the G5 and its noise above iso100 (the V1 is known for better treatment of the Noise and less purple fringing)

Greg Chappell Apr 8, 2004 12:21 AM

The fringing I have seen with my G5 in over 6,000 shots is minimal. Mainly confined to areas in a bright scene where a darker areas meet the highlights. I have figured out the Photoshop fix for purple fringing that works for me, but really, the number of times you'll see it vs. the number of shots where it's a non-issue is so small it's a non-issue with me. The image quality is there, and at a size that's much easier to carry around on vacation than my digital SLR and two "L" zooms, so the G5 is going with me next week on a two week cruise, along with a new EWA-Marine bag for the snorkling trips.

What amazes me is everyone still talks about fringing and noise in the upper ISO ratings in the G5 with all these new 8 megapixel cameras that are going to have MUCH more of both....and it seems like everyone wants one! With the G5, shooting at ISO 50 with an F2 lens is like me shooting with my Digital Rebel and 17-40 F4L lens at ISO 200. Think of it that way and the G5 is not as limiting as some people think., and ISO 100 is still darn clean so the ISO ratings are not limiting with the G5.

Here's afolder of some shots I recently made with my G5:

...and here are a couple of action shots from my daughter's recent softball game, taken with the G5:

Insight Apr 9, 2004 8:51 AM

Thank you for all your advice!!!
I think i'll choose the G5 but i must wait a little time because the G5 isn't available for the moment (only in 5 to 20 days, it's that they say)!!
It's just a question of time (as will say Depeche Mode!!!!!!!)
Thanks for all!!! :wink:

Joshua B Apr 9, 2004 1:17 PM


Originally Posted by Insight
It's just a question of time (as will say Depeche Mode!!!!!!!)
Thanks for all!!! :wink:

Your DM reference is not lost on me. :)

Insight Apr 11, 2004 2:50 PM

And what do you think about the Sony DSC-F717 in comparison of the G5!!!!
The F717 has a 2/3 CCD 5Mp!!!
But i feel better colour in the shoots of the G5!!!
And you!!

Jeppe Jun 7, 2004 2:29 PM

It's very suprising for me to read that the V1 is supposed to handle noise better than the G5. A simple comparison of sample pictures at reveals the opposite. G5produces phenomenally noise free imageswhereas the V1 is noisier than most.

Check out these links:

Same building, different time. But still.

Compare areas in the shade. Better save to disk so you can enlarge a bit.


secondtime Jun 21, 2004 7:11 PM

Go with G5. G5 have better image quality. The Sony V-1's color seems a little "washed out" to me in general.

Although, G5 is considerably NOT a pocket-sized camera, so if you are looking for a trip digital camera, i would recommend you the Sony DSC W-1. In my personal view, the W-1 have a better image quality(esp. the color) than the V-1. But if the portability is not an issue with you, I would strongly recommend the G5.

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