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Default Canon G5 vs A80?

I am thinking of upgrading my digi cam. (Kodak 3900) I was thinking of buying Canon G5 but I read a lot of bad review on it.
On the other hand I have yet to see a bad review on A80.

What are the main differences between the 2 camera? Which one do you guys suggest I should buy?

Ps. I need the camera for general use and some astrophotograhy.
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The G5 is much more complicated, or it can be set to auto and used just like a point & shoot. The A80 is a point & shoot, but with some nice features. If I were interested in buying a P&S with no ability to mount a separate flash it would be the model I would want.

If you do not like red-eye, the G5 is a better bet because it has a hot shoe to allow for the mounting of a Canon EX series flash unit. That gets the flash far enough away from the lens to virtually eliminate any redeye problems. The A80, like any point & shoot, has a redeye reduction mode, but that's all it is....REDUCTION, not ELIMINATION. There's a reason makers don't use the second word. For the most part redeye reduction is hype, not fact. You usually don't have to look too far down this list to find someone frustrated with redeye problems, and it's never a problem with their camera- it's the tradeoff you make in deciding to get one of these type cameras. If you shoot with flash indoors and want to make use of the telephoto end of the zoom while doing so, you will be much more please with a G3 or G5 and separate flash. If you have no intention of buying a separate flash, then you can take your choice. The G5 still has other features the A80 doesn't, like RAW shooting mode. It is basically a pro-level non-interchangeable lens digicam.

The A80 takes AA batteries, so you don't have to mess around with proprietary batteries and it is much more compact, but either are light enough to take anywhere.

I have owned the G5 for several months. The only thing I have negative to say about it (and this includes all other digicams) is that indoors the autofocus can be frustratingly hard to work with as it sometimes simply will not latch on to a subject and focus right. Mainly lower lit subjects that are not contrasty give the G5 a hard time. Some folks will say they've never had this problem, but it was one of the main reasons why I finally bought a Digital Rebel. I do still have my G5. There are times it works better if the situation merits.
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