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victorgg Jul 1, 2003 11:51 AM

Hi all... my first post in here... and hope to post much more, this site really helped me a lot! Thanks!

Ok.. Im looking to buy my first DC and Im gettin nuts comparing and searchin good prices for 5MP cameras
I am looking for a 5.0 Mp camera, not point and shoot, not SLR and the 2 I have "almost" decided for is the G5 and F717 ... both I found here in Brazil at virtualy the same price... around 900 dollars.

Please... could anyone help me decide this???

I plan to print 5x7 images and 8x10, I need some Zoom, good batteries(dont plan to buy extra) and mostly IMAGE QUALITY!
The pictures should be family pics, landscapes, images from trips...

Thanks all

[email protected] Jul 1, 2003 3:03 PM

get the Canon G5, a better camera, good optics, built-in TTL flash, and the supplied BP-511 also lasts a longtime.

victorgg Jul 1, 2003 6:03 PM

And about the Canon G5 blue aberrations and sharpness?? It will not overcome the other benefits??
Anyone with experience on these cameras could make a comparison??

Thanks all

victorgg Jul 2, 2003 4:06 PM

Im going for a Canon G5, Sony V1 or F717 ...
Im really gettin nuts... cant choose!!! Ill mostly shoot pictures from family, landscapes, macro of some equipments/engines, travels (so it should be not too bulky).

Im afraid of the F717 to be too much, dont know what word to use... stand out of crowd... that could result on robbery on travels...

Ill give my opinion about those cameras and then ya could coment and say whatever ya fell about them!

-good size
-battery life
-swivel LCD
-someone say that it has red eye and chromatic aberration (blue)
-optic viewfinder... better than EVF of F717??

-really like the sony´s hologram/night shot
-dont know if its too small ....
-like the metal body and lens protection
-really like the VGA option for movies!
-poor battery life

-really like the sony´s hologram/night shot
-Think it might be too bulky...
-too much stand out the crowd
-dont know if the EVF is better than optics
-better zoom
-good battery life

Thanks all for your help

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