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Hi folks...of course, you all know that the canon G6 lens caps pops off too easily. That's well known. But I immediately came across a slightly troublesome problem associated with the lever that's supposed to lock the on/off button. The problem is like this.....when I put my camera into the Canon camera case, the chances are that the locking-lever will get pushed by some inner part of the case, and the on/off button will turn. And of course, this turns the camera on, which then makes the zoom lens slide out! The thing is, I insert the camera into the case in the typical way...nothing unusual. So in my real opinion, this locking mechanism could probably be designed better, or at least repositioned. It's interesting how this kind of problem still appears today, because I had thought that these things would have been sorted out years and years ago already. It's just weird.

In comparison, the nikon 950 which I've had for maybe 6 years doesn't even have a locking mechanism, but I've never ever come across this problem. While for the Canon G6, I had this problem about 4 times yesterday...and I was just trying to do something normal...like put my camera into the canon case...to protect it! But instead...I nearly get heart attacks whenever the camera turns on when I'm storing it!! I'm trying to protect my new camera!!

Anybody else out there have this kind of problem? I checked the manual to see if there might be a more robust way of locking the camera quickly and conveniently...but there doesn't seem to be one. I think this is just poor design.

I also noticed that the red-eye problem that people report is real, because last night, I took photos at a party, and sure enough....red eye city on the canon G6, even with the red-eye reduction setting in operation. I never noticed so much red-eye before with my nikon 950. It surprises me to discover that good design learned from the past etc doesn't seem to get passed onto this new G6 camera. I would have thought that cameras evolve and the bad features go away.


-- I think I found out the problem... it may not be a design problem with the camera afterall, but a design problem with the canon g6 camera case! I took a picture after trying to figure out why the camera would turn itself on 90 percent of the time when I put the camera into the case. It turns out there's a silly little ridge inside the camera case, that runs all the way along the seam on the inside of the case. It's this ridge/seam I discovered that pushes the lever-lock, and it ALSO turns the on/off dial at the same time when you try to insert the camera into the case. So basically...this seam/ridge is the reason for the problem.... so...I change my mind from bad design on the camera to bad design of the case, which should have the camera in mind in the design!! I'll show a picture of what I mean...the blue line points toward the ridge...geez..how coincidental is that to put the seam there conveniently in the place where it really should not be placed!!!
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Sorry folks.... there's a problem with the upload of the image.... I tried 800x600 and 640x480 jpg, but I get this error with garbled characters...like this...


And there's a lot more of the garbled characters that come after that, but didn't want to copy and paste it.


Anyhow... to confirm the problem with the case ... the camera doesn't accidently turn on anymore when I put the camera in backwards......where the back of the camera points toward the front of the case, and the lens points toward the back of the case. That is, the back of the camera faces the side of the case where the 'powershot' badge is! The fit isn't perfect, but the camera still fits without having to force it in etc.
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