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My guess is Greg is probably correct since unlike dSLRs which use phase-detector in the their prism for autofocus, theses type of cameras use their CCD/Sensor for autofocus by image contrast. -> Theses sensors usually have IR filter in front of them making them almost blind to theses signal hence no need to turn the IR beam on. Canon is not alone in disabling this feature on theses types of camera, they just can't make use of it, might as well save the batteries...
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Thanks Greg. I doubt that I would even try using my 420 EX on the G6 - that is IF I buy one. How well did the on-board flash do indoors?

Or I could use the G6 outdoors only. I normally use my 300D/420EX indoors with either the 20-35 Canon or the 28-135 IS Canon & get good results - always remembering to take the Lens hood OFF for indoors. If I use my EOS-3 with film, I then use one of my Sunpak strobes - either the 522 or the 544. Haven't used either of them that much yet.

The jury is still out. I would LOVE to buy the 20D!
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The on-board flash is OK with one exception. At the widest focal length there's a small amount of imagecut-off from exposureby the flashin a lower corner of the picture with the G5! Really aninexcuseable problem for a built-on flash. The problem is well documentedin various web pages where the G5 was tested. The G6 flash tube looks identical to the G5, but the body is definitely a different look. Maybe Canon fixed the problem....maybe not.
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Greg Chappell wrote:
I now see Canon is also advertising the G6 as being "fully compatible" with EX flash units. Unlessthe G6at leastutilizes the flash unit's infrared focus beam this is an untrue statement. I have a feeling I know the answer. I'm just waiting for someone to test the camera and verify what I feel is probably still a shortcoming of this series.
This issue was raised over on the Canon Forum at www.dpreview.com and most users felt that the inherent AF system of the G cameras will never allow use of the near infrared focus beam of the EX flashes. It would be nice to discover otherwise but I'm sure Canon would have mentioned it on the specs. page for the G6 and they haven't.
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[align=left]I have the Canon Digital Rebel, the D10, and the NikonD70 and D100, as well as the Pro!. The best Camera is the D10, then the Rebel. The Nikon's focusing, in low light, and on flat surfaces, is problematic, whereas the Canons focus quickly and accurately, with no searching. The D70, while a good camera, is not as good as either Canon. The new D20 is going to blow everything out of the water. I can hardly wait.[/align]
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I own a Nikon 4500. One nice feature with your site is that you make the same shots with the cams. After comparing the samples from the new G7 with the CP4500 i am stunned! Fantastic job Canon, this 7mp is very impressive. So finally my Nikon is retired, sold it today and awaiting the arravial of the G7 in Norway.
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