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Old Aug 25, 2004, 4:16 AM   #1
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Hi to Steve and all other digicam freaks!

First of all i want to praise this awesome site. One of the best, maybe the best on the net. Sorry for my bad english. I am from Germany.

Now my question. I am very interested in the new Canon G6. The picture quality is really awesome. Very low noise and very good detail. They look sharper like the samples from the 300d, but with some more noise. Buti like them a lot.

Butwhen i looked at the samples i recognized that the colours are not as warm, vivid and shiny as the wonderful colours of the G5. They are more neutral, like the sony style ones that i don't like. The same i recognized with the S60 colours in comparison with the S50.

Is this just a new canon way of thinking, to configure the cams in a more neutral way, or has this something to do with the new 1/1,8 7,2MP sensor. That would be very bad, because these "colourless colours" are notacceptabel in my opinion.

Is there a possibility to get get the same vivid colours when you turn up the saturation or choose "vivid colours"? Or is it impossible to get these vivid colours with the new G6? That would be very bad.

I am loookin forward to your reply, Steve.

Have a nicce day. Bye.

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Old Sep 8, 2004, 12:14 PM   #2
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I just got my G6 2 days ago. Today I took my usual walk to take the first pictures as I do it with any other new cam.

Unfortunately I have to say that I'm very disappointed. The G6 images are pale and sometimes look overexposed. Colours are not saturated. I have not yet tried to increase the saturation by different WB than automatic (all pictures taken outdoors)or vivid colours setting but will do so during the next days.

Before I wrote this I lookedat otherfirst experiences in the Internet - I should have done that before buying. Some - few - first comments seem to say the same.

The first "professional" reviews all praise the "excellent image quality" of the G6. I have to say I disagree and wonder how these eperiences were made. I took the same pictures at the same time of day, at roughly the same weather conditions, with automatic mode (Program) set at all of the followingcameras: Oly C5060WZ, Oly Stylus 410 (Myu 410) andLumix DMC-L1, and now with the G6. Yes the G6 ones are sharp (sharper than the 2 Olys but not as sharp as the Lumix - to be fair I had the G6 set to ~5MP mode) but the vividness and saturation of the colours are by far the worst on the G6.

I'm looking forward to more comments and further first experiences.

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Old Sep 8, 2004, 3:35 PM   #3
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Press the FUNC button and use the Color Effect menu. Try the "V"ivid setting first, if you don't like that then use the "C"ustom function - here you can individually adjust the saturation, sharpness and contrast.

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Old Sep 8, 2004, 6:11 PM   #4
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I am anxious to hear if Steve's suggestions help. I compared the sample photos of G5 and G6 (also compared to sony w1) and the color of the G6 pales in comparison.
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Old Sep 9, 2004, 4:39 AM   #5
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As I said in my 1st email I will try different settings as soon as I can (potentially during the next weekend).

However, for me it's disappointing that the standard settings lead to wrong results. I understand this is also a question of personal preference, but think I did sufficient testing with other cameras (actually I did even more than what I listed) with standard settings to be able to assess the G6 output. For me it's not "just another way of light balancing" or similar, but the pictures are simply getting wrong with the camera on default setting, which shouldn't be the case. I think having to correct thinned out colours and overexposed pictures by custom settings or - even worse - maybe by always having to use use exposure compensation is not what I would expect from a camera of that categoryfrom that vendor.

Pls no misunderstanding: I'm a long term Canon fan and still think I made some of my very best poictures with my old S30. Therefore I expected erxcellent quality from the G6 and therefore the disappointment is huge.

To be updated after more testing.
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Old Sep 10, 2004, 2:24 AM   #6
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I`ve had the G6 for a week today, and could not be happier. Was shooting with a friend last evening (he has the G5) appart for him beeing intensly jealous about my G6 it was a fun experience. I really can not see a problem with the colour of the G5 vs the G6, i`m going away for the weekend now, (Photography in the woods, yay) But i`ll see if i can spot any glaring difference in our photos next week.
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Old Sep 12, 2004, 1:16 PM   #7
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I tried the vivid setting today and have to say this is going to be my standard setting on the G6 from now on. The colours get more saturated and "real", and I found the overall picture quality to be *phantastic*!

However, one has to be more careful when making nightshots. I did so yesterday and found the vivid setting way too strong. The neutral setting again gets too pale so I had to play around with WB etc. to find the right setting - sometimes.

Generally I would say that it is an advantage to own a camara which alllows for manipulating the saturation etc. - many other cams don't.

For me it's a disappointment that the standard settings produce results which are far away from reality and that I have to fiddle around with settings before taking a picture. I don't want to use the G6 as a P&S always but sometimes. Then I would prefer to be closer to reality without having to modify settings.

And, by the way, the G6 remembers the "vivid" setting in P, Tv or Av mode only, not in the predefined modes. So if I want to use those I will always have to try and remember - which I certainly won't.
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