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Hi all

I've been looking to replace my aging powershot A80 with a powershot G7. However actually locating one is proving ridiculously difficult to say the least. :sad:

All major high street retailers currys, dixons, pcworld (same company I know), jessops etc just don't have any in on a national level, I spoke to Dixons customer serices who told me the camera was being end of lined, yikes!!.

Its the same with nerarly all internet retailers they're all out of stock and are showing extremely long lead times.I've contacted numerous internet retailers who also suspect the camera is about to be dropped. On the other hand Amazon.co.uk does appear to have at least one in stock however they've raised the price from 280 to 304 just like that, its usually the other way around.

Now I know the G7 has divided opinions of fans of the G series usually for the worse but for everyone who slates the camera there is somebody else who love sit despite its numerous flaws, something I was willing to overlook, but now I'm not even sure I'll get the chance to do that.

These strange product shortages either mean unparalleled popularity or a coming death knell about to be sounded. I just hope it's not the latter though I'd also say its a camera which that I wouldn't have thought would have gained mass market appeal, straddling the strange position that it does between point and shoots and more professional equipment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hmm update: phoned canon europe, I was told there should be no stock shortages and that the camera is still in the line up, well I suppose they would say that.
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Old Jul 19, 2007, 11:17 AM   #2
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Hey Ant C,

Just two days ago I called my local Ritz Camera to order a lens for my SLR and a G7 for my point-and-shoot vacation camera.

The nice woman I spoke to took my order then called me back in a few minutes. She had called the Ritz warehouse to check on the stock status of the items (since they were both special order, not stocked in stores). She told me that the warehouseman told her that the G7 was going to be discontinued by Canon and they were unable to get any more.

At that point they only had a few left in the entire district and only 100 left in Ritz nationwide.

I have since checked some other sites and this is the first place I've caught a whiff of anybody else asking the same question.

Anybody else have similar news?

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Here in Japan, about half of the online sellers aresold outof the G7, with no plans for re-stock. Even more telling, the two big local retailers (Yodobashi and Bic) no longer have any G7s on display in their stores, and nothing on their websites. Only three weeks ago I was handling a G7 at both stores...Canon's Japan website stillfeatures the G7though...
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