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We arenow thinkingwe might buy a G9 for timeswe cant takeour D40 DSLR. I think some time ago I saw mentionedsome place that therecould be a dust issue on this particular model,where dust is drawn INSIDE by thethe lens actionand shows upinside of the lens, andwould be I imaginemajorproblem forowners of this camera, :shock:

Can any one please advise if this is so and should I not go ahead and buy one. The G9 looks to be a very suitable replacement for my A80 and A95 cameras that have not had any problems at all over 4 years or so but are slow and the screens a little to small for my eyes to see these days. Any opinions and are there any other issues with the g9 thank you Rodo. uk.:bye:
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I have read about the dust issues on the G9 on other forums, but most of us G9 owners have NOT experienced this problem. Mine is four months old, and no dust issues. I've recently seen others with much older G9s say they have not had the problem. There are folks who have had it, and have sent it to Canon for cleaning. I've also seen some G7 owners with the same issues.

One posting suggest you could clean out the dust using a vacuum cleaner, while others have had to send it in for repairs. I have a four year old Canon A620 with the same lens design, and no dust in it. Some have the A650 IS and say they have no dust issues. The A650 IS shares the same lens as the G9. It's a vexing problem for those that have had the problem.

The G9, and all current point and shoot cameras have small sensors with too many megapixels on them. The result is image noise visible to pixel peepers starting at ISO 100. Here is an article on the situation;


If you take most of your pictures on the G9 using ISO 80, then the images will be great. At ISO 100 it is still very good, and you may or may not feel image noise needs to be post processed. There are some recent cameras that appear to handle noise a little better, but they all have some noise issues with their smaller CCD sensors. The G9 CCD is 1/1.7", which is fairly large among the current crop of P&S cameras.

Most of the dreamers are hoping Canon and other companies come out soon with a newer model that will have either a larger sensor, or even less MP on the same size CCD, to help better manage noise and dynamic range. The rational types believe the Marketing Department still rules, so they are not holding their breath for this change.

Most of us G9 owners are very happy with the camera, and work within it's known limitations. All cameras have them. A lot of G9 owners have extensive DSLR kits (not me), and prefer to carry the highly capable G9 with them, either as part of their DSLR kit, or simply as an excellent tool that is much more comfortable and convenient for travel and family pictures.

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