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Default Canon HFXXX vs. Sanyo VPC-FH1

Hello all,

So I'm looking into possibly getting the Sanyo VPC-FH1 or one of the Canon HFXX or HFXXX models (Right now, the HF100 can be had for $439 refurb). The Sanyo is tempting for all the reasons you all know about, the 1080p 60fps 24mbps, the slow mo, the low light performance, and the sub $400 price. The Canon has the stabilization advantage, but has 1080i and 17mpbs. From the reviews I've read, the are about equal in resolution performance. The Canon has decent low light, but not as good as the Sanyo.

OK, so for me, the stabilization issue is what this all comes down to. So I have the following questions:

Digital Stabilization - Does it affect image quality noticeably? I've seen some clips where I could swear I see the DS 'working' with some 'shifting' within the video, etc., but maybe I'm wrong. How much of the zoom is it effective (I've read maybe up to 5x) when using DS?. Does it work enough to keep a steady image still while standing still, etc?

Deshaker Users - Has anyone found a way to have a relatively easy and automated workflow that uses deshaker? One that does not take 2-3 days to encode 1 hour of video? I'm not against using deshaker with the Sanyo if I bought it, but not if it takes 25-50x the time of the video to process it effectively, etc.

1080i vs. 1080p. I've seen the clips, and I've seen how the are different with motion, but does it annoy you (for any of you that have used a 1080i cam in the past) enough to really make a difference? Most of my clips are of my kids so there will be some movement, but just don't have enough experience to know if it should be a dealbreaker, etc.

17mbps vs. 24mbps - I have viewed both the Sanyo and Sony clips on my 92" screen with my 720p projector and I cannot tell the difference in artifacting....can you?

Any input on any of these things is greatly appreciated. I will post on some other sites also.

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