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400ixus Apr 8, 2008 9:10 AM


My camera has developed a fault, whereby it will not take pictures in Auto mode. Press down the shoot button, and your hear a noise (like it's focusing) , but will not take the shot.

The weird thing is it may randomly work. If I put the camera into stitch mode, the camera will take pictures fine. I'm also able to view these individual shots in View Mode.

Another fault is that the camera will very quick show the message change battery pack, even though the battery is fully charged. I have tried several batteries in this camera too, and all the same.

Prior to this fault I had the problem where it couldn't read the memory card, and done the trick of removingreplacing the original internal battery. This fixed the memory card problem, but now this fault has developed.

I also tried updating the firmware (2.0), this hasn't helped/

Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

Canon advised to send it to there repair centre (£82.00 to fix), which is the cost of buying a new camera!

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