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I was a longtime user of Sony Cybershots, but not having upgraded since my F717 (which had that fatal hardware problem and died) I saw the Canon SX110 last week, liked it, and took it home. Now I'm playing around with it. Some questions: Is there any advantage to the non-pro user between Fine, Superfine, and Normal modes? I often take a photo and then print it ANSI C or D size to frame for artwork in my home. I have no lack for space with a 2 gig card so that's not an issue.

To anyone else with this camera: In auto mode, do you generally leave the ISO on High or on Normal? In other modes, what ISO do you like for indoors/no flash? What size photo do you like to take--M3, M2, M1, or L? Again, for me, storage space is not an issue, but if I'm going to resize and print later, is it a problem to have too much and resize downward, if you see what I mean?

I'm looking forward to a CHDK release for this camera so I can get RAW format and a good battery indicator (I've already invested in Lithium AA's, the lighter weight alone is a big plus).

After about 4 days of playing around with this camera, I'm happy with it. (Keep in mind of course that I'm making a big jump from the camera I've been using--a Sony DSC-S57.)

The macro mode is very good, the zoom is a lot of fun, the features are handy and easy to get to. I am glad not to be using sony's proprietary memory sticks anymore. The screen gives a really nice preview. I like being able to control the flash availability by popping it up or down manually. A lens that covers itself is great. I like the size of the camera overall. I wouldn't mind having aviewfinder, although I'd prefer having the existing screen on a swivel like the DSC-S75 had. That was a GREAT feature. There isn't any hotshoe for a flashand therearen't rings around the existing lens to add other lenses. Maybethere is a source of lenses that can get around that.

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High ISO will leave you with more grain in your pictures, so I would advise keeping the Auto ISO on low whenever possible, using High ISO range only when low light demands it.

Large files (L) with minimal compression (superfine) will give you the biggest and therefore most accurate files. Since you are not concerned with storage capacity, take home the big files and modify down from there.

You are not alone in wishing for a viewfinder and/or a swivel screen on this model, but every camera made is a compromise in some respects, and a lot of people speak favorably of this camera. Enjoy your new toy.
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