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Default Canon Powershot A20 Battery Problem

Hello everyone... I have a Powershot A20 and having some problem with the batteries showing on the LCD monitor. I just bought this two weeks ago and use twice an Alkaline batteries and did not have any problem at all except that it is draining fast. I bought a Rechargeable battery 1800NiMH AA size and everytime that i switched on the camera it says "Change the batteries" for about two times and then shutdown itself even though the battery is freshly charge. I replace the whole batteries and charger with the same brand but it still having the same problem.

Do you guys think it is a camera problem? Please tell me so I can ask for replacement immediately... Thanks everyone
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As you've had no reply yet I can offer this suggestion. I'm not an A20 user. However, the main difference between alkaline and NiMH is terminal voltage. Alkaline is about 1.5v and NiMH is 1.2v. I'm wondering if the A20 needs to be told in a menu somewhere that you are using NiMH, or you need to do a first time 'reset' with the NiMH's installed, I assume the NiMH batts were fully charged.

Often new batts need a couple of discharge/charge cycles to come good. Batt low is usually given on terminal voltage drop. I'm also wondering if the NiMH's are really fully charged? Also is the cam ok on a remote mains supply?
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Wow! Thanks for the immediate reply. Wonderful!

I am a newbie on this Digicam and Battery things and I do read some of the post first before I post this topic but can you please further explain what is discharge/charge cycle and how can I do this. And how will I know if the cam is ok on a remote mains supply.. how can I find it? Sorry for this stupid question

This is what I'm suspecting too when I do the comparison between Alkaline and NiMH, the voltage rating 1.5V vs. 1.2V. It looks like the camera is sensing that 1.2V is not enough for them to work but how come Canon says it is recommended to use NiMH rechargeable? Is there any NiMH batteries that works on 1.5Volts?

I also check the Menu itself and the manual but there is nothing that will instruct the camera that you are switching to NiMH from Alkaline or vice-versa or any first time "reset"..

Thanks for your help...
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My A40 works with NiMH 1,2V and 1600mAh. Are you sure that A20 works with 1800mAh? You should read the manual.
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Hi... thanks for the reply. As what voxmagna suggest about discharege/charge cycle... I did it on my rechargeable battery and it works fine now.. According to Camera Shops here in Australia, Amp rating of the Battery does not constitute the problem... they said "More Amp is the better, and the longer the battery will keep the charge" So i am happy now...

Thanks everyone!
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