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JimC Oct 11, 2007 12:16 PM

Service Notice for Canon PowerShot A650 IS: Light Leak

"To owners of the PowerShot A650 IS digital camera:

October 3, 2007

Thank you for using Canon products. We have recently discovered that, under specific shooting conditions a problem may occur in images taken with this product.The details of this problem are described below." says Canon U.S.A., Inc.


When shooting with the camera's variangle LCD monitor open under sunny skies, where sunlight shines directly on the exposed back of the camera.

Affected Cameras

Powershot A650 IS digital cameras that have a zero in the fifth digit from the left (xxxx0xxxxx) in the serial number listed on the bottom of the camera are affected.

Service Notice for Canon PowerShot A650 IS

anthonyc Nov 9, 2007 6:28 AM

Cool, what about...

anthonyc wrote:

Loved the review for the A650 IS - so much I bought one. Very pleased with it, easy to use and great results.

However - quoting from the review - "The DIGITAL port connects USB 2.0 (high-speed) to the computer for download and camera control with the RemoteCapture software"

The Remote capture feature is the sole reason for buying another camera. This is not a faeture of the A650 IS. Canon have confirmed this.

The PS remote doesn't seem to do the job either.

Does the reviewer know something I don't or a way of achieving this, or was it an incorrect assumption?

Thanks, Tony

JimC Nov 9, 2007 7:10 AM

Please don't cross post the same questions to multiple threads, especially one that has nothing to do with your question (this one, which is a post about a Service Notice). That way, the responses to a question are all in the same place.


I responded to your comments and questions about the review in this one:;forum_id=15

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