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I am definitely torn between the two. Here is a list of feature that I like in both

Sony Cyber shot W1
-smaller, more compact
-Beautiful large 2.5 LCD screen
-5 mp
-Considered an ultra compact but has manual features - however limited they maybe they still are some manual features
-uses AA batteries, only 2
-better movie mode, i.e. quality of movies
-3:2 mode perfect for taking 4x6 pictures without having to worry about cropping

-uses sonny's memory stick - cost of these compared to A80's compact flash memory use
-lack of manual control of white balance
-package bundle is lacking compared to A80's

Canon Powershot A80
-Swivel LCD Screen
-Numerous manual controls
-C1 and C2 slots on dial that are pre-programmable options
-Cheaper by 50$ (US)

-3:2 mode like sony's
-1.5 screen seems really small to me
-bigger compared to dsc-w1

Those are the major difference among the two camera's that really matter to me. My budget is $500.00 dollars. i want that to cover everything like extra memory and extra batteries.

these are the additional items that i will purchase w/ each camera.
399.99 Sony Cybershot DSC-W1
99.99 Sony 256 MB Mem Stick PRO (MSX-256)
$499.99 Total

Circuit City
349.99 Canon Powershot A80
39.99 Rayovac 15-minute charger
14.99 Rayovac set of 4 AA reachargeable NIMH batteries
79.99 512 MB Compact flash memory
$484.96 Total

im a beginner to this digital photography thing. and i am thinking of pursuing amateur photography so manual features i suppose are pretty important to me. but i still want a fully automatic mode that will allow me to take great pictures w/out having to worry about anything. I want a great digital camera that i can take on vacations and roadtrips.

The Powershot A80 seems to have more overblown exposure problems and purple fringing, from what sample pictures i have seen. the Sony doesn't seem to have that problem as much. the white balance manual feature absent on the sony also leaves me a bit unnerved. the feature seems to be pretty useful in certain situations.

As you can see i have read alot on each product, but i am still pretty torn. i am leaning a little more towards the powershot a80 because of its history of great quality pictures and the more memory i can get w/ the camera under 500.00. but the 2.5 inch lcd on the sony's is great and the picture quality seems to be slightly, slightly better.

Please help!
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In short, the Canon A80. If you're a Costco member, purchase it from them online (if not at the store). It's $349.99, and comes with a set of Canon rechargeable batteries and charger, as well as a Canon case ($40 set of options). Plus, and it's a big plus, Costco will let you return it to a store if you don't like it, with no restocking fee (unlike Circuit City, Best Buy, Target, etc.), and will guarantee your satisfaction for the life of your membership - replacement or refund!! Can't beat that deal. It comes with a 32mb card, and you can purchase a 256mb for $41.99, so you're under $400.

As to the camera itself, the W1 was on my list of candidates. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a store with easy returns so I could bring one home and try it out (Wal-Mart, for example). So, I took my A80 (still on trial, I've had it about 2 weeks from Costco) to a CompUSA, and a memory stick from my son, and took6 pictures with each, flash and no flash, inside the store. I shot on Auto, finest settings, printed them out, used an 8x magnifier,looking at the results"blind" (camera label on back).My wife picked out 3 as the best - these were all A80! The other 3 were a tie. The magnifier confirmed this. Given the W1 has 5mp, I was surprised. Also, the options for settings are hard to come by in the menu; the screen is almost too big (fingers all over it), and it really isn't that small.

The A80 will be very hard to give up - I still want to try out the Kodak 7440 ($349.99)and Powershot S60 ($499.99). But, that swivel screen of the A80 is no gimmick. A third of the pics I've taken, especially of the grandchild, have been at waist level - impossible with an ordinary camera. I even enjoy the swivel in playback mode. The custom settings are terrific. I've got one set to outdoor snapshot mode, which makes the camera doubly fast, and another set to 200 ISO, available light for indoors. Something else that would be very hard to give up. Plus, the full aperture and shutter priority modes, and meaningful dial selections - action, portrait, etc. The Sony dial selections are weird. The camera is a bit heavy with the 4AAs, but fits well in my bermuda short's pocket. It feels great in the hands, with a nice grip due to the batteries. In many ways, feature wise, it's a little G3.

The LCD is small, which is my only real knock on it. The movie mode is only 320, but that's not why I bought it. The flash level is only adjustable in manual setting, and saturation/sharpness arenot fully adjustable. Those are the only real knocks I have on it. But, again, I think it's aLOT more camera than the W1, especially if you have any inclination to experiment. BTW, with that screen tucked in, you can turn it on, shoot in auto (or C1, C2), and move really fast initially or shot to shot.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide!

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Oh, and btw, regarding "overblown exposure and purple fringing" - I've had none of that. I've taken 100+ pics so far, printed 25 of them, and a lot of them outdoors in the bright Florida sun, andof telephone lines on rarer cloudy days, looking for that fringing. Every one, and I mean every one, has been perfect in terms of exposure, color, sharpness, etc.

And, one more thing - the editing software included doesn't compare. Sony's, according to all reviewers, is one of the worst packages; while Canon's is one of the best. Another factor leaning towards Canon.


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<<<<<The Powershot A80 seems to have more overblown exposure problems and purple fringing, from what sample pictures i have seen>>>>>>>

recently purchased the A80 for my dad (his first go at digital at 74 years of age) and so far we have had nothing but exellent photos, most not even needing auto ajust. Never seen the purple fringing yet. We went for the A80 because we are impressed with the quality of our G3 and were also happy with our first digital cam, a canon 110 1.3 megapixel that we still use.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Especially, Dave. I didn't know costco had such an awesome return policy and that it came w/ such a great bundle for the same price everywhere else. I will most definintely buy through costco now! thx again everyone, as soon as i get my A80 i will post pictures and my thoughts.


I purchased the A80. i've had it for about a week now and i absolutely love it. image quality is outstanding. everything from install, to transferring files, to first-time shots was all really easy. however i didnt go through costco, went w/ compusa instead we wanted to purchase in-store rather than online.
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