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Jon S May 26, 2004 7:30 PM

I am considering (actually committed) to buying a Canon Pro1. I was wonderingif any OWNERS had any regrets in buying the camera. My budget is $1000.

I can't use a Nikon 8700 since I really need 28mm on the low end. The Minolta A2 was my first choice but was very disappointed with image softness, manual flash. The Sony DSC-f828 just did not look good to me either, the images seemed somewhat digitally enhanced and lacking detail to the Canon.

There are some features of the Canon that irks me, slow AF, image lockup during AF,lousy motorized zoom and the idiotic way filters are attached. Another possible issue is the dusty lens.

I am more or less willing to go thru all the hassles because of its great pictures.

(BTW, the Rebel is out because of the lack of focus controls)

mikesd May 26, 2004 9:27 PM

Although the Pro1 isnt perfect. I am very happy with mine. The picture quality is awsome. Like you I went with the Pro1 instead of the Rebel to keep from putting a fortune in lenses. Have not regretted the purchase at all.

NHL May 26, 2004 9:36 PM

Jon S wrote:

... The Minolta A2 was my first choice but was very disappointed with image softness, manual flash.
What softness?
... this is no point and shoot, this camera has a sharpness control and is not for beginner, ie you can set sharpness at any level you want (knowing what the trade-off is when you increase the sharpness in-the-camera...)

BTW the A2 flash is as sophisticated as any Canon or Nikon out there if not more with TTL wireless multi-slaves capability. :idea:


(BTW, the Rebel is out because of the lack of focus controls)
Huh??? you can overide the AF focus anytime on the Digital Rebel with any USM lenses, ie full-time manual overide with no need to flip the camera to manual focus mode (BTW just like the A2) which you can't say the same for most 8Mp camera out there... :cool:

JanetKP May 27, 2004 10:28 PM

I've only had my Pro1 for a week. Had a Canon G2 and upgraded. I had really mastered the G2 and was very happy with the quality of my images, and was as first very chagrined with my first Pro 1 attempts. BTW,I use a UV filter and spent $5 on a lens cap. No problem.

Now that I have begun to master the Pro1, I am loving it. I shoot plants. This is Betty Boop.

Jon S May 28, 2004 1:42 AM

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Has anyone used the flash with a UV filter (or any filter) and the filter adapter attached to the lens at 28mm? I tried it and it leaves a dark shadow at the bottom center of the image. Has anyone else noticed this?

NHL May 28, 2004 5:29 AM

IMO you would be better off with your 1st choice:

1. The A2's lens is threaded for filter
2. The lens won't shadow the flash, unless of course you attached the included tulip shade (for outdoor)
3. For your kind of indoor shots with the camera's Anti-Shake you might not even need a flash (or the reflection from the strobe from that picture frame)! :idea:

BTW the A2's zoom and focus are manually adjusted through rings just like any dSLR for precise control... and of course it has a much higher resolution EVF than any other camera in its class... :cool:

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