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Anyone know anything about these two? Which is better? Which has more manual controls? Which is more convenient? Which is faster? Which takes better photos?
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First of all, I have been in the same position as you. My choices where the Z2, S1 and the Olympus 7xx series.:?

If you use the search function above you will get a lot of topics like this. Check them out too!:!:

I personally chose the S1. I did that because the 10x zoom was top priority. Along with a 10x zoom a Image Stabilized zoom lenswas nice. A lot of manual settings, a cool look and the video function was an extra plus but not directly a demand!

I went down to the local camera shop and tried the S1, Z2 and the Oly 765. The 765 I dropped quite early because of its appearance plus the button position and functions just didn't appeal to me! It uses the expensive XD cards as well!

The Z2 was ok and it had 4MP versus the S1's 3.2MPbut I didn't like the feel when I held it in my hands. The look was a bit futuristic and itused the SD card which, at that time, was also slightly more expensive than the CF card. It had an hot shoe though which the S1 didn't. The LCD was not flip-able which I find a bit sad on a camera like that!

All 3 cameras shot great pics. I didn't test them in details but made some quick tests shooting the same light bulbs, the white wall, the moving traffic etc. There really wasn't that much difference. At least for me and I'm NOT a pro!

What appealed to me was the overall impression with the Canon S1. It just gave me the feel of buying a good decent camera. But with one disadvantage....the price!
It was more expensive than other cameras in the same category so one really has to ask him-/herself if it is the camera you would like to use.

I'm very happy with the camera and after Canon has released the firmware updates it focuses quite well in darker sorroundings and overall does the job I want it to! And that is the most important thing I have learned. Don't buy a DSLR if you just need a point-and-shoot camera. Don't buy a cheap camera if you want the detail and quality as top priority. That is some of the things I have thought about.

I'm now to buy a macro lens, a wide angle lens and maybe a tele lens for my S1. I have seen its opportunities and would like to get full use of them. All though it costs extra I see it as an investment in the future.

So: Read some of the reviews out there...they are good! Go down to the local camera shop and try them out. Make a list of the pros and cons for each camera and think of what you really want the camera to do! Is the price important for you and what about accessories?
There are a lot of questions and in the end you are the only one to answer them!

Good luck with your search.

I have the first shots I took on mywebsite along with some of the movie clips I have taken. You can find them here:


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