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I have compared their specifications (s2 and s3) and I have readed more times tests (on DCRP Review) on S2 and S3 and readed different forums on it (also Steve's Forum), but technic questions are not reported . :-(
I have downloaded also sample photos to better compare the first with the second model, but I don't succeed to choose the camera.
I will use camera in every conditions: on mountain, in low light as internal churches, in external for monuments,
on road and also to the sea,...etc... but this in only an hobby for me, not work!!
I like so much shot and I want obtain the best photography but not professional photos!

The S3is is 6 Mpixel (5,947 Mpix effective) but comparing, on my CRT monitor, the same photo with same ISO
of S2is that is 5 Mpixel (5,039 Mpix effective) I don't see difference, also if I zoom the same particular
of both images. My idea is that this 6 Mpixels is similar, and almost equivalant to old 5 Mpixels. (Only 0,908 Mpixel is the difference).
OK, S3 can shot on 800 ISO that S2 don't have, but I think, using a tripod and imposting 200 or 400 ISO
with more time of shot, I obtain the same photo with less noise. (I Think..or I'm wronging?)
I know only these two difference. :-/ ??

Zoom is equal, Digic II processor is the same, motor is ultrasonic in both, The limit of 1 GB movie :-(
(640x480 30 frames with stereo sound each other) is the same, battery equals..... (also if S3 do 500 shots with AA 2300 mAh ans S2 do 500 shots); LCD is 2" and old 1,8"
but the difference of 0,2" is about 2-3 millimitres for each side!! Too little, insignificant for me, (are Equals)!

For me S3is is an S2 version 1.1, the products are the same but S3 costs 120 euro more that old model.
What do you think about??
Are better S3 than S2 for important specifications that I don't know ??
Better color? Less disotrsions to wide??
S3 (that arrives up 800 ISO) shots photos with less noise at 400 ISO that photos at 400 ISO of S2 camera ??
(in the sample don't see...)

The difference of speed in focus (0.3 - 0.5 seconds for S2) and (0.2 - 0.4 seconds for S3) is important, are lots better S3 or similar?
There is a real improvement with 0.2 second time and not 0.3??

S2 with its 50 ISO shots best photography than S3 that have 80 ISO, on external site with good light and sun
or are equals? And when the light is low ??

Both the cameras have equal CCD dimension 1/2,5" => 0,4" but S3 have more pixels in the same dimension,
therefore each pixel is smaller than pixel of S2, and for this reason, (I think), that the capacity to capture light is smaller in S3 camera than S2 camera, also if it has an elctronic circuit that permit it to arrives to 800 ISO.
What do you think about ??

In your opinion how model produces best hotographies ?? In the sample downloaded I don't see great difference :-/
There are, for you, some other important difference that help me to decide for S3 and not for old S2is ??

Unfortunately Steve Digicams have not reported their tests on s3 therefore please tell me your suggestions.
What model will must buy for you ?

Thank you very much for help and your patience.

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I am going to take a shot at this...

The difference of 1Mpx makes a great deal of a difference if you are planning to blow up your photos and print them out as hard copies.
The more pixels, the bigger your photo can be. Always shoot your photos on highest size. You can see it on your monitor because its just too big and the resolution on your monitor cannot display as good as your eyes (hard copies).

Now, as for the the ISO mode, persnally I take all my photos on the lowest ISO possible (50) since more noise will become visible as you go higher ISO level.

There is no difference in zoom level or movie recording.
I think the improvement in the focus speed of 0.1 is important and there has been a lot of times when I missed the shot just because of that.

Too bad the LCD resolution on the camera didnt improve. It is a lot better if you have the 2" LCD since the 1.8" is really for your personal review and not to show to other people of the photos you've taken during the day.

S3 I think has less lens distortion (i might be wrong on this), but if you are just an amateur photographer like me, its not important.

Other important feature you might want to know is about the continuous shooting mode. I love this feature since it lets me get everything I want and then I can choose what is best later on. The S3IS continuous shooting mode is a tad bit faster than the S2IS....

Also, consider how long you are planning to use/keep the camera and think about the resale value. :P

So, overall, I would still go for the S2IS since its cheaper and the photos come out almost the same and save some money.
But if you are into technology and prefer new things, go for the S3IS.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Have a look at this thread and the S3 performance:
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:-)Hi, here resale values is not a consideration prior to purchase, youwill not get much! I bought the S2 IS two weeks ago and it is GREAT, my previous cam. a KM Z10, VERY GOOD! My son is getting it! Look at http://www.pbase.com/heez10/ and you can see what the Z10 is capable of, new pics with the canon while learning the settings at the same site. regards Hernan (Look at Airliners... and Arizona 2006 on my site)

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The most detailed review I've seen so far is at:


The S3 and S2 are compared at various points in the review.

From a picture taking point of view - the S3 now has live histogram support, so you are better able to tell if your exposure is going to be with the dynamic range of the sensor (no areas >=100% white or >=100% black). This would make me lean toward the S3 - but it's a very close call.

The focus speed is still way longer than its competitors - I'm not sure it 0.1 will help that much. On the other hand the high speed continous shooting mode is faster than its competitors - and this often saves me from missing the action.
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Old May 26, 2006, 11:45 AM   #5
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Thank you very much for answers to all people.
I think to buy S2is. S3is is too similar to S2is to permit
me to choose it spending more tha 100 euro for functions that are almost equals!

Thanks again

Apollo 13
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mchnz wrote:
The focus speed is still way longer than its competitors - I'm not sure it 0.1 will help that much. On the other hand the high speed continous shooting mode is faster than its competitors - and this often saves me from missing the action.
Sir, I would like to know where you got this info. Because from the reviews I've read so far, the S3is seem to be a speedy performer. It's not the fastest out there but it is no slouch either. In fact, the link you provided commented on its conclusion that the S3is is "Fast and Responsive".So, I am really very much interested in knowing the source of your info indicating the focus speed of the S3is being "way longer" than its competitor. Thanks
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It also depends if you like the widescreen mode. I love it. But then photoshop can do the same.

So, yea, I will be planning to sell my S2IS to get a better camera...
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