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nhuth Jan 10, 2014 8:06 PM

Canon PowerShot SX280 Replacement
I am wondering how soon an updated Canon PowerShot SX280 will come out. I love everything about this camera except the GPS "bump" on the top of the casing and it battery life. When can we expect an update to this camera? The Canon Powershot SX280 was released on 30 April of last year. When can we expect an announcement? Was the SX280 announced at CES last year? Can someone please tell me to wait. Thank you.

davy Mar 10, 2014 4:49 PM

The replacement is the SX700, whether they have solved the low battery issue no one can say, there's a few waiting on Canons USA forum website.

Here's a link if you want a sneak preview

I do think if battery life is a concern the Sony HX50 or Panasonic TZ30/40 series will blow the SX270/280 out the water when it comes to battery life.

The SX700 uses a 1060 mA/Hr battery - that to me seems about as much use as a midgets whisker compared to the SX270/280 battery of 1000mA/Hr. If reading between the lines say's there 'might' be an issue that they are aware off and tried to solve.... why they increase I ask?

I certainly won't be dashing out and making a purchase.... I do feel it's wrong when you send a camera back under warranty Canon sends you a refurbished one, I'd be wanting mine back, a new one or my money back.


davescanon Oct 15, 2014 1:10 PM

Hi just want to say,that I switched off gps and the best I have had on my SX280 is just over 1,000. Today I got 957 plus I think the image quality is great.

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