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[email protected] Apr 3, 2004 6:18 PM

Canon Pro 1 vs the Sony DSC-F828
Both cameras produced excellent images at highest resolution, @ISO 100 and ISO 200, no CA problem exist, outstanding color clarity, here are some of my observations and comments.

The Sony autofocus is extremely fast, not just twice faster than the Canon, but three times faster than the Nikon coolpix 8700 and the Oplympus C8080, Sony AF works well indoor and lowlight, when the Canon will have some problem with low contrast subjects and low light.

Both of the supermarco modes on both camera work fine, @28mm zoom setting the tip of the lens almost touch the subject on both cameras.

I prefer the manual zoom on the Sony F-828, works beautiful, the power motorized zoom on the Canon is okay, not as great, but it works, you have to get use to it.

Built in flash on both cameras tend to overexposure for most close subjects, the use of external flash such as the Canon 550 EX and the Sony HVL-F32X give you better control to reduce the flash output presicely. The Sony HVL-F32X is beautiful made, very compact and handsome, not too bulky as the Canon 550EX, it's too big for the Pro1 but well balance set on the Canon 10D and the 300D.

I can't tell the different on the AF operation on both lenses, the Carl Zeiss on the Sony and the L lens on the Canon, both very quiet, the Carl Zeiss lens is faster than the Canon L lens (F/2.2-2.8 vs F/2.4-3.5). I prefer the design on the Carl Zeiss lens, manual zoom, you can add a 58mm filter on it and the hood at the same time, but not on the Canon, Canon supplies the 58mm filter adapter, but if you decide to put the filter on, you can not put on the lens hood at the same time, that is bad design...even worst for users with big fingers, you will have tough times to put on the lens cap with the lens hood on...good god, what is Canon engineer thinking? oh well...

I prefer the new Canon lithium ion battery BP-511A, at almost 1400MAH, it's better battery, and the compact charger is designed for travel, you have to buy on for the Sony since it's optional accessory, the supplied AC/charger on the on the Sony is bulky for travel..

The Sony has dual memory slots, one for CF I and II, one for memory stick, you can switch from one another anytime, it's great to serve as back up to have both memory cards in there all the times( say: 1 gig ms and 4 gig CF), you can only use the CF card in the Canon Pro 1. All shooting modes and metering modes on both camera are practical, I really don't care for many other modes since I shoot 80% in A mode.

Even though the Canon LCD screen is larger than the Sony LCD (2" vs 1.8"), but the Canon LCD is hard to see outdoor when you shoot back lit subjects, the Sony LCD looks fine under this condition. In normal condition, both works great. I don't believe in LCD EVF Iand don't care how great that was, except is black and white LCD EVF, so I will hold my comments on that...

Canon Pro 1 is designed for travel, very compact and light weight, not as bulky and heavier like the Sony, handling on both are good, both bodies are made of the better magnesium alloy material, not plastic and they feel good in your hand. :)

[email protected] Apr 7, 2004 1:03 PM

I've decided not to mess with cleanning the lens everytime I took the camera outdoor to shoot (dust and other stuff), I use the provided filter adapter, put on a 58mm Hoya SMC UV filter and use one of the Canon 58mm lens cap to put over it, looks cool that way. I retired the tiny lenhood that came with the camera. I hope to find a good origianl WA Canon metal screw-in lens hood size 58mm one of these days.

If you have to clean the lens, use the Formula MC lens cleaner, sold by Porters camera, 100 smear free and fog free, works perfectly.


PacificJohnny Apr 7, 2004 7:01 PM

Gosh... if I wasn't paying for this ridiculous school...

I'd get the Canon. I think the image clarity in the sample pictures speaks for itself. If you look at the comparison sample images, check out the rope in images DSC00005.JPG vs. IMG_0048.JPG and the palm leaves in images DSC09989.JPG vs. IMG_0034.JPG. Outstanding.

Although, I do agree that the Sony has nicer features. But for droppin a G, I'd rather tradeoff for some image quality.


PacificJohnny Apr 8, 2004 5:04 PM

By the way--
Your signature makes it appear as if you own them both. Which do you prefer?

[email protected] Apr 8, 2004 6:58 PM

I travel with the Canon and leave the Sony at home, I shoot with the Sony when I'm at home, back in the garden, fish pond, flowers, things like that. I shoot indoor studio works with the 10D and the monolights flash system. I like them both, except I prefer to travel light. :)

digitalcam Apr 10, 2004 8:47 PM

How is the purple frining problem between the 2 cameras? Which one is better and how much is different between the two?


[email protected] Apr 11, 2004 9:49 AM


Originally Posted by digitalcam
How is the purple frining problem between the 2 cameras? Which one is better and how much is different between the two?


Sorry, I can not give you the answer. @ISO 100 with 100% control of exposure, I didn't experience any CA problem. In fact, from what I can tell, the CA problem only exist with an inexperience SLR or P/S shooters. Knowing the exposure and carefully compose to frame your picture will avoid any major issue such as CA or under/over exposure. Knowing the structure of any zoom lens is very comlplicate, better optical material and coating technique form better lens makers will help to reduce the CA problem, but in reality none of the best lenses out there can declare they are free of any problem (in this case, you have the famous Carl Ziess 28-200mm zoom lens on the Sony, and the excellent 28-200mm L lens from the Canon, they performed the great job for these P/S cameras). You can shoot with the cheapest zoom lens to the most expensive zoom lens, and if you don't know how to control your exposure, you can still experience those problems such as CA.

Honestly, I can't give you the comparision since I experienced none. :(

Railfire Apr 15, 2004 9:40 AM

I saw my first Pro 1 @ Circuit City in Tupelo on Tuesday - but no battery so it would not go to 'on'. I admit, it seemed to be a really nice camera, Then I read Reichman's review on luminous landscape & he said that about the filter & lens hood - same thing you say. You would think Canon would correct this problem!?
But then again, they are going to bring out the 300D in Japan in Black & with a USM lens. A tech rep I know said it would not be sold in the USA or North America in Black. Bet there will be some imports on this one!
You tried out the Minolta A2 yet?

[email protected] Apr 16, 2004 11:23 AM

yes, and you can read some of my comments here:

and here:


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