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Hello -

I have a brand new SD1000. I really like the movie quality except there is some pretty bad lighting effects that come from any indoor light source. I was wondering if there is anything I can do about it. It happens in any room near light. I love the camera except for this one issue. I would hate to return it.. if I have to is there a similar canon that doesnt have this problem?

You will see what I am talking about in the first 5-6 seconds of this video.


Thanks for any assistance.

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It looks like an example of what's called "smear" which is an issue with CCD sensors. You'll find an explanation in this article, which discusses the differences between CMOS and CCD sensors:


Relevant quote:
Smear occurs when a very bright portion of an image causes an entire column of pixels to overload and bloom to white. Here's an example of vertical smear.


Any bright point of light can potentially cause smear; common offenders include street lights and car headlights; it can also happen if the camera is shooting footage of a camera flash, or even the sun. Avoiding smear involves lowering the exposure enough that the bright lights don't bloom and trigger a column of smearing; stopping down the iris to bring down the brightness of the bright lights can eliminate smear entirely, but also may cause the overall picture to be too dark. Smear is also one of the "dead giveaways" that your production was shot on video rather than on film; film doesn't "smear" like this. Controlled lighting can eliminate all traces of smear, but in uncontrolled circumstances it's going to happen. CMOS sensors function differently and are immune to smear.

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