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mmboost Apr 9, 2004 6:46 PM

Canon S1 IS: no macro?
Now that I have my nice new S1 IS in hand, I realize that there might have been one feature I forgot to check on that I just loved from my old Casio QV8000SX: macro mode! I haven't seen anything on the camera or in the documentation! Am I missing something or is it just not there?!

With the Casio I used to have (an 8x opt zoom to this Canon's 10x) I use to be able to get within maybe 15mm or maybe even less and take some amazing macro shots! I bought a 1.5x wideangle which had a detachablemacro lens and it enable the camera to take amazing 16x macro shots! Boy, I'll miss having that feature... tell me its not missing on the Canon :(


DaveTv Apr 10, 2004 12:56 AM


The PowerShot S1 is somewhat unique, in that it doesn't have a macro mode that you can turn on and off. Even so, you can still take closeup shots, with a minimum distance to the subject of 10 cm at wide-angle, and 93 cm at telephoto.

mmboost Apr 14, 2004 6:03 PM

Hmmm I wouldn't call that a decent "macro" mode. Note what I said about the Casio: that wasn't 15cm it was 15mm, as in 1.5cm. Ah well, bummer. I used to do these bizzare shots of light coming through transluscent fruit with the camera in macro mode practically on the subject...

ok hold that thought...

I just went to widest shot and put my camera up to the keyboard. Although its not like my older Casio, I think your quote utterly underrated the ability of this camera. I shot this with the camera about 10cm at most away from the keyboard. This is an original size (2048 w/ superfine), just cropped.

OK, its not 1.5cm. I used to be able to get whole images filled up with 3 letters from "In God We Trust" on a small coin! Maybe the wacky light-thru-fruit photo industry might suffer. But I'm happy enough :)


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