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I'be had my S2is for just 3 weeks now and I'm still getting used to its many features. As someone who'se only used point and shoot cameras before - trying to get to grips with all the manual features is going to be a very steep learning curve but luckily sites like this and others are helping.

I'm finding the 12x optical zoom awesome, and even when using the digital zoom up to 48x the quality is still reasonable, perhaps not for purists but to me they look good!

I'm not quite there on the Macro yet (see other thread above (or below!)), but I think its just a case of learning how to use it properly.

I cant comment on how it compares to the Panasonic equivalent, which has had rave reviews both in the US and the UK, but I can only say the S2is seems an excellent buy. Very different to my Fuji A210 which is a 3.2mp point & shoot (although that takes tack sharp photos). At the moment my shots with the Canon arent perfect, but I can see the potential is there once I've learned my way around it.

Still debating whether to buy the add on telescopic zoombut I think I'll get used to the basic camera first and think about that later. The problem with that for me would be that I am planning on upgrading to a DSLR in a couple of years and I dont think the add on lenses would be any good with something like a EOS 350D so I may just wait.
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Paddler, I just got my S2 this week and am planning on using it for taking nature photos from my kayak. I'm wondering how you have the S2 setup to protect it while paddling.

WestCoastPaddler wrote:
Well, I've had my S2 IS for just under 3 weeks now, and I'm really enjoying it (took about 540 photos on a recent 2-day kayak trip).
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spiffyman wrote:
Paddler, I just got my S2 this week and am planning on using it for taking nature photos from my kayak. I'm wondering how you have the S2 setup to protect it while paddling.

Well, I haven't really fabricated anything for it just yet - although I plan on changing that today.

Up til now, I've just put the camera in my knee-tube (it's a semi-circular 'tube' attached to the bottom of the deck, in the cockpit, between your knees) and pulled it out when I take a photo. If it's a bit choppy, I put it in my day hatch between shots just to be on the safe side, but if it's calm I'll even just sling it around my neck with an old ever-ready case from my old Canon T70 (it fits ok...) to protect it from the occasional paddle drip and the sun.

There are a few good options available (such as Pelican cases etc.) but for now, I'm just going to use a lock-n-lock case and customize a bit of mini-cell foam to hold the camera, a few filters, memory cards and batteries. It will reside in the cockpit or day hatch between shots, until Canon makes available a waterproof housing for the S2 (apparently they have no plans so far for a housing, but I'm hopeful that that will change!).

With the exception of the LCD display problem (most likely just a one-off glitch), I've been very happy with the camera so far. I've just received the LensMate lens adapter for it, so I can now use filters etc. and I'm equally impressed with the adapter (the Canon adapter made for the S1 has quite a bit of play when mounted on the S1, which is why I chose the LensMate aluminum adapter over the Canon plastic one).

Soon I'll have our first gallery posted using exlusively the S2 IS at our kayaking resource, http://www.westcoastpaddler.com


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