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I got a Canon S2 today. I am moving up from a Kodak Easyshare so we are talking a HUGE learning curve. It is way way intimidating me! I am afraid I got in over my head on this one. With this camera not having an "action" mode or a "fast shutter" mode, how do you get good pictures without motion blurs from your kids? My kids are quick movers. I have the camera on AUTO and the IS on continuous. Are there any special settings you can suggest for catching the kids with the camera? Someone please share their expertise.


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If you turn the dial to "Tv" (shutter-priority mode), you can increase or decrease the shutter speed and the camera will select the aperture automatically. As you know, a faster shutter speed will 'freeze' fast-moving subjects. As long as there's enough light, the camera will select an aperture that allows the correct exposure.

If you're taking photos of fast-moving subjects, you're probably following the motion of the subjects with the camera. This is called 'panning', and the S2 IS has a specific IS mode to allow stabilization of the lens while you're moving the camera side-to-side. Select the appropriate IS mode (see your manual) and the IS mode will only stabilize the lens in a vertical plane.

Hope that helps! The S2 is a powerful camera with lots of features that will enhance your photography, but it's also user-friendly enough for you to take good photos before you've leared all the more advanced features.



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Old Sep 9, 2005, 9:14 AM   #3
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Gidday Sherry

I'll just elaborate on Marks post a bit

Tv mode -set shutter to max(1/3200)

Go into MENU -set Saftey Shift to "ON"(this will make it take the max shutter speed possible for your lighting conditions and also works with Av mode)

IS -set to Shoot Only (O)

Set the high speed continuous shooting mode(behind trigger button -"H"with 3 squares will appear on lcd)

Metering Mode Spot [.] (this will look at the light on your kids-not elsewhere)

Have zoom at full wide (no zoom)

This is the hard part -focusing(very hard to use auto focus for moving kids)

Guage the distance you are going to be from the kids -focus with half press on something the same distance and when you get a green square,press the manual focus button on side of lens(it will stay at this focal length till you hit the manual focus button again to turn it off)

Let go of the trigger-keep cam pointed at what you focussed on-then press the SET button(this will give a truer focus for that distance)

If you change your zoom you will have to refocus

Should be able to use auto focus at longer distances-too slow up close

You're ready to shoot -just keep approx distance away from kids and leave thetrigger pressed(the more shots ,the better the hit rate)

Also you can set all this in the custom mode ("C" on dial) and save setting in the menu,and it will always be there(everything) when you start up the camera.

Great camera and heaps of fun

Hope this helps

Cheers Dom

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I Have the same trouble with my s2 but it is with children indoors.... I get a lot of movement blur ... it is a low light situation. When I use the flash it is ok....but I'd bought the camera so I could get good indoor pictures at church of kids, famlies and the general populace for our newsletter and slide shows..etc..please help.
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If the camera can't stop the action, you need to up the ISO. Try 200. You can go 400, but the noise may be too much for your liking.
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I will try that... thank you
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Is this a new firmware link?
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This is for the canon S1 only, not the S2
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