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So I've had my S2 for 6 weeks now and I love the camera. It takes sharp photos, operates great, and has true colors.

However... I recently noticed a dead spot on the sensor. There is one small dot that always shoes up as white in every photo from the first photo I took. It took about 600-700 photos before I noticed. Granted, it's a sinch to fix in PS, I'm still not happy. THe spot has been there since the first photo I took, so it leftthe factorydefective.

I called Circuit City, where I bought it, and with a little discussion they agreed to swap it out for a new one until they realized there are none available in the state and they have no idea when they are coming in. Note I did not buy the extended warranty and it was 6 weeks after I bought it. They did not need to even offer that but they did because they are a good company and do what they need to do to make customers happy.

SO I called Canon. THey said I can package it up, ship it to them, and they will fix it, returning it in 2-3 weeks. So... I buy a new camera, it's not working right, now I have to pay to ship it to get it fixed and go without for 2-3 weeks? I called twice and talked to the supervisor and got them to send me shipping labels so the shipping is covered, but I still need to cover insurance and the shipping is not priority... Canon expects me to make an effort and incurr cost and inconvienece because of their error.

Odd that Circuit City is more willing then Canon toresolve a Canon problem.

ANyway, long story short, make sure your lens is clean andtake an all black photo. Cover the lens and/or use a blazing fast shutter with low light. take 3-4 shots and inspect the images closely magnified about 200% or more (I could hardly see mine at 100%). If you find any white specs, check to see if they show up in the same place on each of the photos. If so, you probably got it too and will want to get it fixed.
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Canon will just map the bad pixel out in firmware and send it back to you. It's not really "their error". It probably left the factory with a no visible hot/stuck/dead pixels (as bad ones are mapped out before being shipped). Some Olympus models let the user do this.

Neutron particles from cosmic rays (which occur much more frequently during air transport) can cause CCD pixel failures. See this study by PULNix (a small industrial digital video camera manufacturer): http://www.pulnix.com/Imaging/TechNotes/TH-1087.pdf

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Map out the bad pixel? Does that mean that they just disable it? Now instead of a hot pixel, he will have a dead pixel?
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Nope, the map it so it looks like a combination of the pixels around it.

It's typical of all sensors to have a few bad pixels, they get mapped at the factory.

If it's a common problem and is a software fix, why doesn't canon let you go to a web page and fix it???

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