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I recently purchased a Canon S2 IS. I am generallyhappy with thephotos - good exposure (with a little exposure compensation), focus, etc.

My problem iswith the viewfinder. I am normally shooting outdoors with bright sun, so I use theviewfinder, instead of the largerLCD screen. However, the image in the viewfinder is very pale and hard to use. Lightcolored subjects are ghostly white and often hard to distinguish from thebackground. At times, I can't even find the main subject and need to use my bare eye to confirm that I am pointing in the right direction. Half-pressing the shutter button helps by stopping down the lens, but that is awkward when you are trying to compose the image.

The camera automaticallyadjusts the brightness of the viewfinderimage,based onoverallbrightness, but it brightens too much with light colored subjects in the sun. I can not find any adjustment for this. You can make theLCD screen brighter, but that doesn't help here.

I queried the Canon support center and was told - "This is normal behavior in bright sunlight conditions. We suggest shooting in a shaded area." It is pretty amazing ifyou can't use a camera effectlyin bright sunlight.

I havedone web searches and have not found anyone else who complained about this. Am I the only one? Do I maybe have a defective camera? If not, why aren'tothers complaining? Any suggestions?
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well, the idea if im correct is for the LCD to show exactly what your photo will look like. So if your viewfinder is washed out in light, you might be overexposing your image. Turn down the exposure, and the LCd and EVF will darken, along with the photo. You could always exposure bracket to get the brighter photo as well. Good luck. I just bought one myself and love it.
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Thanks for the reply. However, the camera's exposure has been correct, even when the viewfinder image is so pale that I have trouble using it. I find that the viewfinder image does not reflect the final photo, until I press the shutter button half-way. I can vary the Exposure Compensation from +2 to -2 without any effect on the viewfinder.

I am amazed that others have not found this to be a problem in bright sunlight. Maybe it is my camera. In that case, I am disappointed in the Canon support center. I would be interested in other people's experience, especially with light subjects in bright light.
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I have an S2 and use it almost weekly for my brothers soccer games. I often use the viewfinder and I don't have trouble seeing and following the subjects through it. I usually use Av mode.

Does the EVF look ok indoors? When you zoom in/out? Does it compensate brightness when you are looking at a bright subject vs. dark?

Have you thought of going to a store and testing one out for comparison?

It's possible the EVF is bad *shrug*
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Old Oct 11, 2005, 8:02 AM   #5
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Gidday CH

The only time that happens to me is if i'm in manual mode and got too slow a shutter or if light gets into the back of the VF past my eye -should'nt happen in any other modes as they all compensate.

Does sound like a cam fault IMO

Cheers Dom
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Old Oct 13, 2005, 9:32 AM   #6
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Cliffhanger I know exactly what you mean, and although I think the S2IS is an excellent camera this is the one thing which would stop me buying it had I known before. I've recently returned from Greece and some of the shots in bright sunshine were very difficult as the EVF is so dim. I know you can use the LCD screen but again if you are outside in sunshine that is awkward. I tend to use the LCD mainly for reviewing and still prefer to use the viewfinder when taking photos when possible.

I've not found a solution to it yet, so if anyone knows of an answer I'd like to hear it. However overall the camera is superb and takes outstanding pictures.

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Old Nov 14, 2005, 9:51 AM   #7
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Cliffhanger, I agree with your assessment about the viewfinder in bright sunlight. I too just returned from Greece and it was hard to view some of the sights through the viewfinder. I did find that if I removed my dark glasses (mine are the kind that darken automatically) I had a much better chance of seeing what was in the viewfinder. Really like the camera otherwise.
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Old Nov 23, 2005, 1:03 PM   #8
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I know the problem. Below thepicture of the EVF (done with the other camera).

You can see there an error. Do you have the same cause?
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