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For those of us with Canon S3's or who know about the Canon S3's plastic tripod mount, I am wondering what mounts you have found that work with the plastic. For example, has anyone found a great plastic ball mount heador 3-way mount headthey can recommend?

I have a great Manfrotto tripod that was originally used for my husband's Canon EOS which has a metal mount. I tried to put my plastic mount on the metal screw, and it was a nail-biter as to whether the camera site would come out intact. Thank goodness it did, but I don't want to put it on again, which makesthe tripod useless at this time.

Has anyone tried getting the mount site replaced with a metal one? Can camera shops do that?
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If your husband's tripod has the quick-release head, you can buy an extra quick-release plate and leave it mounted on your S3 -- that way you won't have the constant worry when you screw it on/off.

Personally, I don't think it's that big an issue -- the camera only has to be mounted snug, not crammed on so tight that you'll crack the camera body. It's not as if the S3 is about to vibrate off the tripod.

If you want extra snugness without danger of cracking the plastic, buy some self-stick felt and cut out a donut shape to stick onto the bottom of the camera -- that will provide a cushion you can tighten your camera against and will provide more grab, if you're worried about that.

I'm not especially worried about it. I'm going to use my Manfrotto tripod or monopod whenever I wish and not obsess about the camera body. I've got confidence in Canon that they knew what they were doing when the designed this camera. They haven't let me down in the design decisions they made concerning the 20D!
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