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absolut Jul 10, 2007 5:38 PM

Hi all,
I've a 3 month old Canon S3 IS and recently I was trying to shoot images with long exposures (like over a second) using the Tv and Manual modes. I'm trying to shoot images in motion and hence need a longer shutter.
I noticed two things which I'm not sure is a problem or the way this camera works.

1. In maunal mode the exposure correction option gets disabled. This leaves the image over exposed at times. How can I correct the exposure?

2. In shutter priority mode (Tv), even though I set the shutter to over 1 sec, when I try to focus, the camera automatically changes the shutter setting to a higher value like 1/8 or something different from what I set it to. If this mode allows you to choose the shutter speed then why does it change the value when I try to foucs? Is this how it is designed to work?

Any help/advice will help.
Thanks in advance.

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