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brianhare Feb 21, 2006 10:25 PM

vwmom,,i paid 420.00 Canadian for mine,,,bought it off ebay,,then again i buy everything off ebay....basically i was in the market for a camera again and really couldn`t pass this up....i`m willing to bet the price drops drastically on the S3 as they have stiff competition from a lot of other cam makers...


vwmom Feb 21, 2006 10:30 PM

It's odd though that the us price is soo different.. the exchange rate isn't THAT diff. When someone can get the rebel for less than 200 more on sale.. WHY would they opt for the S3? :mad:

I can't see how the lower lcd should hinder use of a tripod.. but brings another question.. I wonder if they'vebrought the metal tripod mount back.. or is it still plastic?

brianhare Feb 21, 2006 10:37 PM

Well i can tell you this,,,you can get the rebel for about/or under 200 more,,,but getting a lense system to match the S2 or S3 is going to hurt,,,and you have to carry it too.At least this camera is quite easy to carry on a,,and on the LCD, it looks to be almost hanging below the camera in a pic i saw...can`t imagine them doing that though..


vwmom Feb 21, 2006 10:45 PM

Good point.. consumer point and shoot yes. As my S2 will end up down the road (one my DSLR fund has established itself) as my 'everyday' camera.. But still 800 seems heafty for a P&S.. I'm sure you're correct in the fact that it will drop due to competition. The new Pany is unfortunatly on the high side too I think.

Yup.. my S2 I got around 475 cdn from a store though.. matched sale price and a crap load of coupons..LOL I can't stomach paying retail. .. why people do I'll never know.. Even if a store has something at 'regular' price.. 8/10 times you can get the salesperson to drop the price or add 'freebies'. Most people either A.. don't think stores can do this.. or B.. have the guts to ask. In all factuality.. That's why it's called 'suggested' retail price.

videosilva Feb 22, 2006 12:08 AM

When the S2IS came out I paid $699.99 Can PLUS 15% tax.

Nice picture of the dog.

brianhare Feb 22, 2006 8:39 AM

Thanks videosilva..


dequardo Feb 22, 2006 10:19 AM

Same manual flip up flash. You can spot the small tabs on each forward edge if you look closely.

ShutterRunner Feb 22, 2006 2:29 PM

I was planning on getting a S2 for a trip to Africa in June. With the release of the S3, when do you think prices for S2's will start to drop? I think the S2 is adequate without dropping the extra & for the S3.

vwmom Feb 22, 2006 2:46 PM

My guess would be in the next month.. obvioulsy the closer the better, but then you risk low stock.. not sure. But yup.. for the price diff. especially I don't think the S3 would be worth 'waiting' for. I'd get the S2 sooner than later for your trip.. make sure you have time to get aquainted.. The longer I have my S2, the more I learn about it and the better my photos look. Just a thought.


I'm curious as to why Canon doesnt show sample shots at the high ISO they seem to be basing the new model on.. Ok.. most cameras can do low.. so why have THREE examples?.. All pretty simple shots too. EVERY little tidbit that I've found online.. through it all, I've heard no hint to ANY change in the actual sensor.. Hopping up theMP on what was there, seems like trouble.

Maybe we should start an S4 thread and email it to Canon..LOL

ShutterRunner Feb 22, 2006 3:02 PM

Thanks for the response! I do agree with your advice...I went to stores to "test-drive" the camera and there certainly are a lot of features to get acquainted with!

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