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davidis Jun 21, 2006 6:36 AM

Dear Members in S3 Forum,

All that i wrote about S3 new were taken in different reviews.

Noise of new S3 Matrix of 1/2.5 size really lower than S2 IS and even at Canon A620( with 1/1.8'). It is not S2 matrix with +1mp simply! It is technical progress so far. This matrix are apllied in S700 and S800 IS cameras. Well, matrix from new Fuji f30 is now winner by noise but for camera with zoom x12 1/1.6' matrixwill have the problem for lens size. The noise graphics we can compare from refs.

High ISO photos one can see in:
It are not terrible if you discussed.

gregg Jun 14, 2007 2:22 AM

I realized that there are some older postings here, but I just bought an S3 from a private sellerlast night for $200

For the most part this is a very easy camera to use and a very easy menu to navigate through. But, I feel like an idiot. I've owned several digital cameras (my last two were older olympus models). Icannot seem to locate the image parameters in the menu on the S3 referred to on various websites



Image parameters
• Contrast (3 levels)
• Sharpness (3 levels)
• Saturation (3 levels)
can anyone help?

thanks gregg

dequardo Jun 14, 2007 6:07 AM

Function button, then 'My colors', tab to far right.

garthmoe Jun 14, 2007 6:12 AM

Gregg, it is difficult finding those settings because the manual is not really that clear. However, you can find it by going to the FUNC button, scroll through it to the My Colors icon; press the left or right point on the omni selector until you get to Custom Color (last one on the right - a paint tube with the letter C), press Set button and it will give the various menus starting with Contrast. Up and down buttons from the omni selector will give all the available menus; right or left omni selector button will allow you to set your preferences. Hope that helps. (BTW there aremanuals around that explain the camera much better than Canon's manual)


beegjay Jun 22, 2007 1:19 PM


(BTW there are manuals around that explain the camera much better than Canon's manual)
Where can these be found?

garthmoe Jun 23, 2007 5:41 PM

Check out

They have a book on disc (downloadable) or paper (I bought the disc and then printed it off) that discusses photography using the Canon PowerShot S3 IS. IMO it's a great book with lots of info about the camera.


gregg Jun 29, 2007 11:04 PM

Thanks Garth.

But how's this for strange...I asked that question about parameters in a new thread and I guess the moderator saw it and moved it here. I had responded on the other thread that I found it...It's rather easy to get to but what an odd place to put it

I had no idea until tonight that you or anyone responded once it was moved here...I saw my lizard* pic as I was scrolling down this forum.

I'm only just learning everything on it as I have switched from an olympus c-5000 compact to this first with a long zoom. I also just purchased on ebay for about 15 dollars, a 52mm adapter tube, hood, and capso I can use myUV and polarizing filters and just bought a 52-55 step up ring from ritz camera so I can use my olympus wide angle converter (.8x)...I 'll share the results once I get an opportunity to use it. The only down side to this tube is it is a bit longer then the one Lensmate offers....with filters it's fine...but...because it extends further from the lens then the Lensmate would, the bottom of thehood can be seen at full wide.Does anyone know if a hood really makes a difference with ghosting (or in the florida sunshine will a polarizing filter be enough)?

I really love the be honest with all the talk of how low the res is I didn't expect to like that as much as I do...I once tried an EVF a few years ago in a camera store and hated seams both the res and refresh rates have improved for a much smoother feel...since I wear glasses I have never cared for the optical/glass viewfinders (even with diopter) as everything looked to distantand Icould not afford a dslr.

I tried a slave (quantary MS-1)....unfortunately I used one that can't read the difference between the pre and reg went off...but the picture actually turned out darker than with just the internal flash alone...I suspect it went off with the pre-flash and confused the camera into thinking that the room was much better lit. I can return it to Ritz. I'll look for one of the digital/smart flashes on ebay

Also does anyone know why youhave to turn on in the menu and tell the camera if you use a teleconverter? and is that menu function necessary only if you use a canon teleconverter (or all brands)?

All in all, this camera is a joy to use and quicker in every way than my olympus. Speaking of speed, here's something you might find interesting. I tried a very un-scientificexperiment....Ina very well litroom, I made sure the flash was down and tried totake a number of pics in shutter preferred mode, single shot....I used a 40x lexar platinum and then a sandiskextreme 3, 140x speed perceptable difference...about one second shot to shot



__________________________________________________ __________

*taken with a 3mp c-3040 olympus...the lizard was just sitting on computer one moring.....they are all over florida

nicosagr Jun 30, 2007 3:15 AM

Hi to everyone,

I am the proud (and happy after about 900 shots) owner of a Canon S3 IS.

I have practised almost every function and evry setting by actually taking a picture and then considering it and comparing it with others to see the difference that that function does. You see it's my first digital camera and my experience with digital photography is limited. So I have to try every function.

The thing I do not understand is that although I have selected the setting to avoid the red-eye effect (red-eye ON is the setting I have) the eyes of my children are coming out red when I shoot with the flash.

Could someone advise me on that?

auntbeatch Jul 4, 2007 2:48 PM

(post moved to new topic--"Stolen G3--is S3 IS lens quality comparable"

gregg Jul 26, 2007 12:42 AM

I just got my camera so I can't really be specific...except the few I took were in very bright indoor conditions...not one with red eye

Some tips on preventing red eye

1) avoid straight on being to the right or left or above you decrease the chance of red eye

2) try to take photos in rooms with lots of other lighting sources too

3) get a slave flash...ritz has one for about $49....It has to be one for digital cameras that won't be fooled by the preflash (the firstflash that fires that is supposed to reduce red eye and may activate the slave flash)...Although I haven't tried that flash, I did try the cheap one they sell for 20 and it fired too early. I returned it...The $49 one is supposed to work correctly. It comes with a base so you can put it on anything and point it at the kids. It runs on 2 AA batteries. Go to and search for digital slave can also bounce a slave flash off the ceiling too.

4) canon makes slave flash too (either the canon or the ritz one can also be mounted on a bracket and then it will be next to your camera)

4) I'm not sure if this will help...experiment with raising or lowering the flash output a bit

good luck


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