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Default Canon S30 Avi editing

Hi there. I am about to tear my hair out! I have a Canon S30. I took several short movies that I am trying to edit into one video. Viewing using Windows Media Player and want to send it to someone who will view it with the same thing.

The individual video clips look find in Windows Media Player.

However, using several different methods so far, every time I merge the clips into one video, it comes out with the colors way too dark. Using the brighness/contrast controls in Windows Media Player does not make them look right.

I have tried using virtual dub to merge the clips. On the virtual dub screen the end result looks fine, In WMP it looks awful.

I tried using Windows Movie Maker to create a .wmv (or whatever it's standard output is) and had the same result.

I tried (cause I couldn't think of anything else and thought it might be the compression method that was causing this) merging the clips with virtualdub and then saving it as an uncompressed AVI. This resulting AVI looks normal when viewed with WMP. However it is 330 Megs, too big to email. I then tried to convert it to MPG using avi2MPG1 and discovered that some wizard at Canon had decided to use a 11024 hz sample rate for audio instead of the standard 11025 hz (i digress but what is up with that LOL). Anyway after jumping through a few hoops I was able to convert it to a MPG but the result was the same dark output as with the other methods.

I don't know what I'm doing obviously, but can anyone help me do what I want? This is driving me nuts! Thanks so much

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Hi Stephanie,

I can understand your frustration with making movies. The file sizes they generate can be massive. Did you get ArcSofts VideoImpression with your camera? I got it along with my A40 and I just shoot what ever number of clips I need then stick them together in VideoImpression. You will have to reduce them in size from the recorded 320x240 to something smaller, say 160x120 or half the original and then use compression on the file. This will again reduce the file size but depending on the length of your movie it may still run to many megabytes? Changing the brightness and contrast in WMP doesn't seem to work but if you have VideoImpression, change the settings in there and then save the file with the contrast and brightness settings altered.

Rimbo 8)
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