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Gizmofreak Jan 6, 2004 9:59 PM

Canon S400 AF Assist Lamp help
Hi, I just got my Canon S400, and I am curious about the AF Assist Lamp since I've heard things about it being misaligned or something. Now I haven't taken any pictures in dark room. But when I look through the viewfinder and the LCD, the AF Assist Light is not perfectly centered in the middle of the view, rather is is a little higher than the center of the screen. Is that normal?


dazco Jan 7, 2004 10:32 AM

Mine is slightly off too, but it doesn't affect anything. all you have to do if you see it light up an area slightly different than where you want to focus is to release the shutter and re-aim where you know the light will hit your subject. But i almost never have to do that because it's just too slight of a mis-alignment and almost always hits my subject. In fact, i'd say chances are if it weren't mis-aligned i'd have to recompose about the samw amount of times, which as i said is almost never. i wouldn't worry about it unless it's off considerably. I think more has been made of this because some people are just more obsessive than others.

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