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Default Canon S400 or Casio Z4?


Im planing to buy a cam which has 4MP and 3x opt. zoom at least.
Size is very important, so maybe Canon S400 or Casio Z4.
Which one would You recommend? Any other suggestions?
In this price range (~$400).

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Old Dec 15, 2003, 2:09 PM   #2
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same question...plz anybody helps...is Ixus 400 so superior to Z4 in terms of image quality?
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Old Dec 22, 2003, 3:39 PM   #3
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I haven't tried the Casio (they make watches and calculators don't they) .. but I have the S400 .. super little camera. Canon's optics speak for themselves.
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Old Dec 27, 2003, 6:36 PM   #4
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when it comes to choosing between canon and xxx always choose canon

im a proud s400 owner, and would never trade it for a casio
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Old Dec 30, 2003, 4:17 PM   #5
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I had the same question myself. I was in a quandry myself about choosing between the EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z4 and the PowerShow S400 until I started to write this post.

The Casio's lens is from Pentax, btw, and very high quality, so the name Casio shouldn't scare you off as much as you might think.

At first I thought it was a no brainer for the Canon, being the long-time (thrilled) owner of a Canon S300 who is ready to upgrade after a great, long, run with the earlier model. Then I was seduced by the small size of the body and the large screen of the Casio. Ultimately, as I started a preferred feature list, I found the Canon won handily.

The Casio seems to have the Canon met in terms of basic point and shoot features, tho each have their own areas of specialty. The 2" screen and small size of the Casio make it nearly irresistable. I was hoping the S400 would have some more manual modes along the lines of the S40 series, or even the newer, lower-end A70, but they seem to have stripped the S400 down to the basics (by comparison). It still beats the Casio, IMO, however.

Both have a 3x zoom. Both use rechargeable Lithium battery packs. Both shoot 4MP pictures that are great quality. Both can record audio clips with your pics. Both have sturdy metal bodies. Both have quality lenses from folks that know camera glass (Canon lens vs. Pentax lens)

Canon has better on-screen zoom/pan on playback (10x in steps). It also can pull farther back to the thumbnail mode for easier navigation, which I don't believe the Casio can, based on the review. Canon has a nicer charging system, esp. for travel (docks are a useless waste of space for me, since I always use a card reader). I prefer the CF format to SD because much larger capacities are available for a lower price with CF. Canon has a video out, which I have had occasion to use (as much as that surprised me) more than once (look, grandma, there you are on tv!). Canon auto-focus system seems more sophisticated. Canon has better low light and long exposure capabilities. Canon has panoramic stitch modes unavailable with the Casio (unless you do it by hand). Canon has an underwater case, which is handy even if you don't dive, for bad weather, boating excusions, fishing trips, or even piece of mind by the pool.

The Casio body is smaller and thinner, yet has a MUCH larger LCD. The Canon body is hardly large, however, and the LCD, while smaller, is actually higher resolution (118,000 pixels vs. 85,000). Casio seems to have slightly faster startup and picture-to-picture times, but the Canon is not slow, and the Casio lacks the high speed continuous shooting mode the Canon has. The Casio's internal memory could be handy for some, but I am generally not a fan of internal memory since it just complicates things and has to be copied off eventually anyway. I wish the Canon would direct print to Epson inkjets in addition to Canons, since I own an Epson, but that's not their fault. It's a point for the Casio for my needs, however. Still doesn't change the verdict, though.

Hope this helps!

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