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groebuck May 12, 2004 10:23 AM

I am about to buy a 512 MB CF card for my Canon S410..I can get a 512MB CF for a lot less than a 512MB 45X CF. I have read that some cameras cannot recognixe the High Speed techlonogy (meaning I would be wasting the money as there would be no performance increase) does anyone know - do they High Speed CF cards work in the S410?

eric s May 12, 2004 10:41 AM

I would be shocked if the S410 really took advantage of higher speed cards.

It usually isn't that it doesn't recognise the higher speed aspects of the card (Only Lexar has a separate high speed tech - "WA" - that is the protocol is understood by the camera it will write much faster.) Most cameras just write to the card, but they max out in how fast they can write before the card maxes out in how fast it can take it. Like if your car can only go 30MPH down a road. Doesn't matter if its a highway that you can legally drive 55 down... you can only go 30.

This isn't an absolute rule, of course, but in general getting something faster than around 12x-18x won't be worth it for the vast majority of the digital cameras in the world. The difference will be undetectable in practical usage.


groebuck May 12, 2004 10:45 AM

Thanks - I would be curious to know what X the high speed CF card is that came with the camera ;) -

I have seen reviews of the 45X but nothign specific to the s410

groebuck May 12, 2004 10:59 AM

Soooo I will pass along a good deal to all who wanted to read this thread -

I got a 512 MB High Speed CF card from

It is the EP Memory EPCF/512 - 86.00 with a 20.00 rebate so 66 bucks.

If you go to EP's web site you see that the card is indeed a high speed card from it's specs (it does not specifically say so on newegg)

see below

Start Time
Standby/Write 2.5 ms Max
Standby/Read 2.0 ms Max
Initialization 50ms Typical (400ms Max)
Data Transfer Rate
In Write Mode from 10X to 22X (1.5 MB/sec. to 3.15MB/sec.)
In Read Mode up to 43X

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