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Ok, I just ordered an S500, but I've read that the noise on the S500 is greater than that of the S410. I tend to bump the ISO to 200/400 when I'm in low light and want to avoid a flash, which is pretty often, so I'm having trouble deciding on the 500 or 410.

I'll mainly be doing 4x6" or 5x7" prints, perhaps a little larger, but nothing huge, so the 4mp should be fine, but I wonder how much of a difference the 5mp makes when cropping things to print on a 4x6" or 8x11". Anybody have any ideas?

I've also read that the flash on the 410 is better and that it uses less battery life. Does anybody have any suggestions? I really need to know by the end of the day if anybody could please help me out. Should I stick with the S500 or refuse the package and order a S410? The price does not concern me, as I can afford either one.
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From what I saw in trying the two models out the flash system was the same. In testing anyone could have one body that worked slightly better than the other, but I don't think that in general is the case- flash differences between the two models should be negligible to nothing.

With EITHER model ISO 200 and ISO 400 is going to be noisy. There is a difference, although I'm not sure the difference would be enough for me to change my order if I already had an S500 on the way. Spend a little extra money on a noise program like Neat Image. If anything you may be better off since the slightly extra resolution of the S500 will assist you if you ever crop down an image to get a tighter view than you originally shot.

From someone used to the long-life battery of my 10D DSLR I have to say the battery life on the S410 battery I own is fairly short. Anyone using this camera as their main body should own at least two batteries, and still take the charger with you on a trip.
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Well I have both on the way and I'm going to reject the package of the one I don't want, so I have like two days to decide.

I've been toting around the S500 that my parents have, but I don't use it at the highest resolution. I drop it down to the next highest setting in order to save space on my hard drive (since I take a lot of pictures). Does this affect the noise level since I'm not taking a full 5mp picture?

In other words, would the S500 at the 2nd highest resolution (2048x1536) have less noise than the S410 at its highest resolution (2272x1704) since there's less resolution, or would it still be higher since the S500 has a 5mp processor?
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