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cw_ek9 Feb 20, 2005 1:58 AM

Besides the fact that the sd300 is newer with a bigger LCD screen. What are differences are there and is it worth the extra money to buy the sd300? This is not a "which camera should i buy" question, I just want to know which one is a better camera.

onur_206 Feb 20, 2005 3:08 PM

hi vw_ek9

i'm using sd300. you can take really good photos under the sunshine. at night to take good photos have to use tripod or not to shake your hands (this is hot easly because of the sd300dimensions) it's a wonderful digital. LCD screen is really good, can reach easly to menu keys.i don't know the s410 but i suggest sd300. you are not regret. if you want to ask something else (features, etc.) can sent an e-mail, or pm.

[email protected]

deanos Feb 22, 2005 8:57 AM

Ive owned both and the S410 take alot better pictures with less noise, the SD300 i had suffered with purple fringing it appeared in loads of photos and could be very noisy in low light, however the SD300 is a joy to use and really fast and the buttons are easy to use.

DOT Feb 23, 2005 10:04 PM

I previously owned the S410 and just recently bought the SD300. The SD300 has the DIGIC II processor which means 640X480 30FPS video and it is continuous. The camera is also smaller, takes SD cards, and has a much larger and easier to see LD screen. The new processor apparently improves picture quality but I have yet to take a lot of pics as I just got the camera about three hours ago...

Mike iron86 Feb 27, 2005 6:52 PM

So hows the difference now since you had a few days to play with sd 300?

who_cares? Mar 9, 2005 12:13 AM

ive had an s400 (same as s410) for two years and just got an sd300 this weekend

the sd300 is much faster in everything; startup, focus, pic playback. everything is noticable faster

the screen is a good size, but the s400 definitely had waaay better resolution. also the sd300 screen isnt as bright

ive had a lot of lens glare when shooting in the general direction of the sun with the sd300. the sun just washes out a huge section of the shot. i really dont like this

the image quality is about the same as the s400, slightly softer with more noise. i havent noticed any soft corners in any shots. white balance is slightly better on sd300

the sd300 is way more pocketable. after a while i got used to the s400 and it started feeling toobig...and slow

overall i like the sd300. im still getting used to it and havent taken too many pics yet.

for me,size and speed make up for the slightl loss in picture is a p+s afterall

i figure id get a pro1 or something for the better shots....i still have my 1gb lexar 80x cf card laying around

Kenny_Leong Mar 9, 2005 12:57 AM

Some people on this forum and on the internet have reported a problem with their LCD screen on the sd300. A number of reports indicate that the LCD screen has 'cracked' when operated in cold weather conditions. I'm assuming that the LCD layer has somehow undergone catastrophic failure. The rate of reported occurrence of this problem seems high enough for us to pay attention to it.

Leeoniya Mar 13, 2005 5:44 PM

i looked through the reviews at Imaging Resource and it does look like the S410 has the advantage of sharpness. which is very important i think. no one likes blurry photos. the smaller LCD isnt the greatest but it's not as critical for me. the color on both of them is good, with S410 being better. the one feature that is to die for on the SD300 is its incredible macro mode. I do a lot of electronics work and it would make for a great QC tool. and also i can post images online where you can actually see the SOT-23 surface mount components very well. I think the S410 would do the job, but the SD300 is just crazy. however, i dont know if it justifies the extracost right now, considering the only other advantagesare speed and a bigger screen. i think i can deal with a smaller macro, keep more money, and have more accurate colors in my crisper photos with the s410.

just my two cents.

who_cares? Mar 21, 2005 7:41 PM

cw_ek9 wrote:

Besides the fact that the sd300 is newer with a bigger LCD screen. What are differences are there and is it worth the extra money to buy the sd300? This is not a "which camera should i buy" question, I just want to know which one is a better camera.

okay, im on week three on my sd300 and im going back to my two year old s400

the picture quality just doesnt compare. once the novelty of the large (granier and darker) screen and faster operation speed (ill miss that) wore off, the graininess, lack of sharpness, and blown highlights made me miss the ol s400

ive been waiting patiently to upgrade my s400 for a year, but i dont see any options. the sd500, imho looks ugly, the menu button is misplaced, and i need the wide angle.

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