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billtkat Mar 8, 2008 2:19 PM

Hope this is the correct forum for this one .

Just got my new S5 and busy reading the book that came with it however I was hoping I could get some expert advice on what or better yet how to use it it "right out of the box" as I start to learn what it can do. In other words any basic settings that I can start using to enjoy the camera as I dig deeper into what the camera can do later - thanks !!

gothmog22 Mar 11, 2008 11:17 AM

For the beginning select the items you want to see in the display(evf or lcd).You MUST include the live histogram which shows you if you have enough light for the shot.Second,DO NOT use "auto" mode in dim light,it will send the ISO speed sky rocketing and you'll have more noise than picture.Use the "Program" or P shooting mode so you can adjust the ISO at 80 or 100 (no further,only if you want to shoot monochrome and hope for a "film grain"-like effect.Always check the white balance to be on auto or according to the light you currently have (you'd better use "flash" setting if you're shooting with flash ;) ).If you want more control,use the M setting,set the aperture (F)at 2.7 or 3.5 and fiddle with the exposure time until it looks good (if you have filled at least half of the histogram with light,from left to right,it's pretty good,if it's filled from right to left it may be over exposed).I oftenly keep mine on the "vivid" color(i'm a sucker for saturated colors),and try to use the evf vs lcd (saves battery,but be wary that it can go out of focus-just use the tiny wheel to adjust it,i almost took it back to the store not knowing it can be set:?).Should you use the Manual setting be careful that you have to set the flash power manually,if you want flash better use the P mode.
Whew,my fingers hurt,best of luck and go shoot already!:|

sun Aug 4, 2008 11:49 AM

Hi I just purchased this camera here in Canada for $339 which I consider a good deal, plus for $20 more I also purchased a canon 3500 printer. We have several canons including the 9100, 4300, (2) pixma 5000 and the laptop printer that I can't remember the model # of, either 80 or 85.

Anyway, I was wondering about the flash on this digicam. I read the only other thread in here on the digicam and it was re the speedlight flashes.

Since I noted another member's comments re set the camera for flash i wondered if this camera used flash automatically or will an Icon appear in the view finder? I won't be using the LCD as I prefer the VF.

I ask this as I am like the beginning member of this thread and want to get this camera working but not mess up a lot. I started off with the Panasonic Lumix LZ7 and the better half and I are thrilled with its pic qualities and since we were hobbyist SLR users in years passed (baby boomers now) we thought we would look at this cam and try it out for 30 days.

It sounds like the speedlight flash would be a good investment, though I really did not want to pack around a lot of xtras.

The dial that was spoken about that could be adjusted....uncertain about what is meant.

Thank you for your time and any other comments would sincerely be appreciated.

BTW, Auto is definitely not good for Flash? I will have to deal with that as we are used to the Panasonic and the better half is tired of the old days when we had to fiddle with settings and it sounds like our advancement here will again have the learning curve and more use of the camera necessary.

Our family is grown and on their own and living in Europe so our pic taking is not like it used to be. I am also more into video now as well.


mtclimber Aug 4, 2008 8:02 PM


Well hello again! I did a Canon S-5 tutorial last summger that was well received. I will do some checking and see if I can re-post it. Your best option is to go for a Canon EX-420 (still available on e-bay) or the Canon EX-430 which is also a newer version that works quite well on the S-5 IS.

Sarah Joyce

bayoubooger Aug 4, 2008 8:15 PM

g'day Sarah,

is the optika flash still serving you well? I am still looking at it? Thansk!

sun Aug 4, 2008 8:44 PM

Thx for the reply on the tutorial info. If it is still available, indeed I would greatly appreciate knowing where it maybe !

I am still reading the manual and checking over the camera which is what I always do before I start pushing buttons etc.

I think that this camera at the price should do the job nicely over the next few years as our needs are not that great and we can still pack the Panasonic LZ7 around for portability and I am very amazed at the quality of pics from it and battery life. We have the 2700 mah for it, however the alkaline batteries seem to satisfy our useage anyway.

That is why I still like cameras without proprietary batteries. We are outdoor people and head up to the northern part of the province and so the batteries are always a concern and we also have one of the portable selphy printers, one of the ES models as in most cases it is a bit of a drive to get a digital pic printed.

I will look at the flashes on ebay as the 430 is the only model available here and it is a tad pricey !

I want to get to know the camera before I make that purchase anyway. I was hoping that the better half could use it in Auto mode for low lite however it sounds like the ISO might zoom up there.

I really appreciate the kind and generous information at this Forum. It rebuilds my faith in forums being in existence to help one another and not to vent at a beginner!!LOL! Cheers.

mtclimber Aug 4, 2008 9:08 PM


Yes, the Opteka is still hanging in there. However, I must be honest and tell you that the zoom feature of the Opteka is growling ever so badly, and I sincerely doubt that it will ever come close to the Canon brand's record of reliability. Think of it this way: it was a lower cost alternative, but it is only a short term, shot in the pan. I would definitely NOT purchase another Opteka Flash.

Think of it this way. I purchased my Canon EX-420 flash 7 seven years ago and it still works perfectly on all of my Canon Cameras. The Opteka Flash will be all said and done in LESS than a single year. choose whichever strategy you desire, at your own risk.

Sarah Joyce

mtclimber Aug 6, 2008 10:14 PM

Well Folks-

I just ordered (08/06/08) in a brand new Canon S-5 camera from That way I will be swapping photos with you from the Canon S-5 in REAL time. I should have the Canon S-5 in hand by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. That would make it the 12th or 13th of August.

As soon, as I have once again, a Canon S-5 to work with, we will launch into our External Flash Tutorial. I already own the Canon EX-430 flash, so I will have all the equipment in hand to move forward immediately.

How many folks might be interested in this little experiment, I wonder??

Sarah Joyce

sun Aug 7, 2008 12:37 AM

I am interested, but obviously not experienced like all the folks here !

I am at the bottom end of the experimental "daylight" learning curve ! LOL

mtclimber Aug 10, 2008 3:30 PM


The whole purpose of doing a S-5/EX-430 Flash Tutorial is to assist folks in learning about what an external flash can do for their photos. It is also to assist folks by providing tips on camera techniques. In short it is a learning experience. So I hope that you will join in on the tutorial.

We only learn by doing.

Sarah Joyce

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