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I've done a bit of reading/searching on the forums here and elsewhere about the use of conversion lenses with the S3/S5. I plan on getting an S5 with a wide angle and telephoto conversion lens (to increase the fun!). I think some of the posters were more advanced in their understanding than am I, so have some gaps in my knowledge I need filled in.

Is this correct:

[1] The S5 has a 52mm lens, so a 58mm adapter ring is needed for most of the conversion lenses that are out there. The adapter 1-allows the conversion lens to be physically attached to the camera, and 2- steps- up the ring from 52 to 58 mm to accept the lenses

[2] LensmateOnline also has 52 mm conversion lenses which don't need the adapter for step up purposes but for connection purposes. Their FAQs here (http://lensmateonline.com/newsite/S2.html) seem complete, but it left me confused a bit)

How quickly can the conversion lenses +/- adapter be installed/removed? Would it be faster to have a separate adapter for each lens? (or can the adapter be left on the camera with not using any conversion lens, allowing the camera to work normally?

I was thinking of buying the camera, adapter, telephoto and wide angle lenses here: http://www.us1photo.com/catalog/prod...f7cd8777ab0feb

Aside from discussions about this particular retailer, anyone care to adventure if these lenses are any good? I have a deadline looming (vacation wise) and would like to buy the whole sha-bang from one site)

I know I'm missing some basic understanding about how the conversion lens and adapter fit on the camera... Thanks for your thoughts!

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Digital Optics are generally regarded as junk...
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Sintares wrote:
Digital Optics are generally regarded as junk...
I assume that's the brand of lens that site above is offering? (It definitely appears to be a "no-name" lens..."

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Many sites sell adapters but I have to say I have never heard anyone say that ones from lensmateonline do not fit like a glove. I have a 52 and 58mm adapter. My filters are 52 and the adapter and UV are on all the time. Now and then I will stack my pl filter to the UV but usually remove the UV first. They can be hard to separate sometimes stacked.
I use my 58mm adapter for my Sony tele and Sony close up lenses. Oh yes, my lens hood is also 52mm. To change adapters it is a simple push of the button and slight turn of the adapter to disengage. If one could afford it the ideal (least hassle) would be an adapter for each filter and lens but one of each works for me.
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Thanks -- that helps me out a lot.
Think I'm going to go with lensmate...
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Another option worth considering is Adorama. I've seen plenty of good comments on the Lensmate adapters, but I bought an Adorama brand adapter and a Canon telephoto for my S3 and have been happy with the fit and results. The Adorama adapter is also aluminum construction rather than plastic, and was a few dollors cheaper.

I'm not sure that you're clear on how the system works, since your original post indicated that the camera had a 52 mm lens. The lens is actually somewhat smaller than 52 mm, and cannot acccept any add-on lenses or filers on its own. You need some form of adapter to provide the threads for attaching a lens or filter. You must choose between getting a 52 mm adapter or a 58 mm adapter depending on what add-ons you intend to use. For my purposes, I leave my telephoto screwed onto my adapter (both together fit in the pouch that came with the Canon telephoto. When I need to use the telephoto, it takes about a second to pop the trim ring off of the front of the camera to expose the fittings and attach the adapter/lens in its place.

  1. Turn the camera off before attaching or removing the adapter. If the lens out of the body, you will scratch it.[/*]
  2. The camera includes settings in the menu for use when using a telephoto or wide angle. I assume the settings correct for possible barrel distortion. I don't see it, but I use the setting anyway.[/*]
  3. If you find yourself using the menu setting frequently, set the settings you like and save a custom setting in the menu so you don't have to keep scrolling through menu functions.[/*]
Most improtantly, have fun and enjoy your vacation.
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