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I purchased a Canon S5 IS just about a year ago. Let me start by saying that I really do like this camera, and am finally learning enough about this camera (I can be a very slow learner in some areas), and most often take some pretty good shots. Our son, Joel and I, sometimes get asked to take photos at special events, and it is LOTS of fun! (Although now he has a Canon 40D, hardly seems fair!)

My question is in regards to the amount of pictures I can take, when just pressing the shutter button to take pictures, while on the auto setting. I don't know if it is a setting I am not doing correctly, or if it is the camera, but it is SLOW! I thought it might be the memory, so I recently purchased a SanDisk 4GB/30mb per second transfer rate SD card, as opposed to the Transcend 133x SD card. I think it is either a 2 or 4GB card, I cannot remember now. The new memory card has sped up my camera, but only by a tiny bit. I would say that I can take maybe 1 1/2 fps with it. To me, that is not only slow, but frustrating. Is that a correct amount of pictures to be able to take in a second, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks so much,
Carol Lugg
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I'll move this thread down to our Canon Forum, since it's a camera specific question. Some of our Canon shooters may see it and give you some tips.

But, that sounds about right for speed, depending on your drive mode (single shot, continuous) and AF mode settings. Once you get to a certain speed card, the camera is going to be the bottleneck with most cameras, not the speed of the card. Your shutter speed can also impact it (and you'll have much slower shutter speeds indoors). Other things like lighting and subject contrast can slow it down (since Autofocus speed can impact it, depending on your settings). JPEG file size varies by content, too (so file sizes will change depending on subject type, conditions and more)

If you read through your camera's review conclusion here (which is the last page before the samples in each review), you'll see camera performance discussed (startup time, cycle time between photos, AF speed, and more).

Here's an excerpt from Steve's review conclusion discussing cycle times in various modes:


" In Single shot mode, the S5 IS captured 8-megapixel Superfine images at the rate of one every 1.3 seconds without flash, and between 2.4 to 3.5 seconds with the flash, depending on subject distance and battery life. There's also two continuous or burst shooting modes, Continuous and Continuous Shooting AF. In Standard mode, I was able to capture images at 6/10-second intervals; the viewfinders briefly displayed the last captured image between shots, making it difficult to follow a moving subject. In Continuous Shooting AF mode, shots were captured at a slower rate of 1 second intervals, but the autofocus system acquires focus for each shot; between shots, the viewfinders briefly display the live image"

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Carol, the shooting specifications on the Canon website show Continuous Shooting at approx 1.5 fps:

Shooting Specifications Shooting Modes
Auto; Creative: P, Av, Tv, M, C; Image: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Special Scene (Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, Indoor, Night Scene, Color Accent, Color Swap), Night Snapshot, Super Macro, Stitch Assist, Movie
Activates shutter after an approx. 2-sec./10-sec. delay, Custom
Wireless Control
Not available
Continuous Shooting
Approx. 1.5 fps; AF/LV: approx. 0.9 fps

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