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Baldanzi Jun 13, 2005 6:42 AM

I am in Italy for the summer for work, I brought my wife and son - and our beloved Canon Powershot s50. We've had the camera for 2 years now and taken literally 5000 photos with it. It has performed perfectly as our general use camera! The other evening we went out with some friends to take some pix of the sunset from the hills above Florence, the camera worked fine, we even played back the photos for the people we were with. The next day - nothing. I thought maybe the batter was finally toast so I went out and bought another one (NBL2 or something like that). No such luck - its dead. After close inspection of the case, I noticed one really small dent/scratch (very very small). I know the camera was not dropped since its last its puzzleing that if it was dropped before, the camera worked for a while (when we were taking the pix in Florence) and then stopped working later.

My guess is something was jarred loose inside? I have an extended warranty through Mack camera, but they clearly state not repairs due to abuse. I'm pretty sure I'm on the hook for this cost wise. Does anyone have any expericence with the repairability of these Powershot cameras???

Or is it the usual case with electronics, once busted - its cheaper to go buy another one. The tough part is, things are really pricey here in Italy... I'd hate to have to buy one here, but I'm here for another 2 months....and I cant bear the thought of not having a camera!!!! Help!


atlantagreg Jun 13, 2005 1:49 PM

Well, you say it's a "tiny" dent and you did not drop it at the time it stopped working. Send it in to Mac anyway and see if they repair it. All you need to say in your note to them is "was working fine at night and when we woke up it had stopped working". If they don't, all that will happen is they'll probably just send it back to you and you'll be out shipping charges.

Takes a couple or more weeks to hear from them from what I hear though - so hate to say it, but you may wish to just buy another camera in the meantime. The Canon A510 is only $199 here in the states and may be nearly as inexensive there. It's not the S50 but it takes incredibly good shots for a 3MP and would get you by until you hear about your other one. At that point, it will be repaired, or you'll know you need to upgrade to a better camera.

Baldanzi Jun 15, 2005 2:59 AM

Your probably right about the Mack camera thing - I'll wait until I'm back in the US in August and then send it to them. I've been out looking a the more consumer-level canons available here in Italy (the A510 or A520...oddly enough it seems that Elph is known as "IXUS" here). Man, stuff is expensive here! Its about 30% more even when you assume you can get the IVA tax back when you leave the EU. Oh well, I guess I have to do it. I cannot stand being here in Italy without a camera! I'd like to stick to a Canon product or at least to something with CF cards since I already have the ones from the s50.


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