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Skripo Mar 3, 2007 1:15 PM

I am a veteran admirer of all things Canon and jumped in to the digital arena with an S50, which I love. The only thing I din't like where the size, weight, slow startup, and slow focus. I also NEVER used the higher end features because I am strictly a point and shoot type of guy.

This weekend I was seduced by the SD800 IS which seemed to eliminate all my issues in one fell swoop. But in there lies a dilema named the SD900.

I was really torn between the two and really wanted the SD900 but the usefullness of the wider angle 3.8X lens and the IS won me over. So I brought it home and did some quick comaprison shots and can only see a tiny improvment over the S50.

Should I have opted for the SD900 becasue of the bigger image sensor? Would I get better quality? I do not do 8 X 10s but don't want to be limited either.

While I did research this before I found nothing conclusive except for some allusions to some sort of undescribed issue witht SD800 IS. Anyone have any idea what this issue is?

Finally, I like Canon's underwater housings and always buy one in case I dive or want to snap pics where it is wet. I noticed that the SD900 mentions an 'Underwater' mode. What does this do and is it on the SD800 IS as well? I found no reference to an Underwater mode on the SD800 IS.

I would especially love to hear from people who have hands on experience with both the SD800 IS and SD900.

I know these questions have been asked before but they have never really been explicity or fully answered and I am hoping that the Canon 'regulars' in this forum will offer some better insight.


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