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Default Canon S500, Quick Shot function?

I have just purchased the S500 and found the 'quick shot' function. The manual is not clear as to what this does, only that it helps you take "on-the-fly" pics quicker. Knowing digital cameras, for speed or quality there is always a trade-off, probably one of these two qualities.

My guess is that it takes a single focus when you push the shutter half-way, rather than a continuous, updated reading. Does anyone know more than me on this matter? thanks a lot,

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When you press the shutter half-way you are locking focus: only if a camera has continuis focus mode does it constantly search until you fire your shot.

This is a guess and I've been trying to get details other places (I have a s400 which doesn't have quick shot), it could possible set the focus at infinity (where anything over about 5 ft away is pretty much in focus) and/or pre-set the exposure (so it wouldn't light meter right before the shot). I would assume the trade-off would be the greater chance for out-of-focus and/or poorly exposed shots.

Someone please correct me on this because until I see details- this is a guess.

Sorry I don't have details, but I just starte looking into this. I was wondering why digicams don't have a setting that backs them off to full wide, sets focus at infinity and locks exposure as soon as shutter is half pressed- so they'd work just like a disposible or fixed lens P&S camera. THe reason I wanted this feature was so I could hand my camera off to people who didn;t know how to use it and not have to explain the whole hold shutter half way, wait for green light, press rest of way- they they get mad when the shot doesn;t come out while they flailed around offbalance while going through this process. I could just say press the button and it would almost be impossible for them to scrw it up.
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