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In terms of features, I feel these are fairly similar. I like the fact that the Sony has higher quality video at unlimited recording time - but heck, I'm not buying a video camera. The other reasons for going with the Sony would be:
- Slightly larger zoom (Is 4 tangibly larger than 3.6?)
- Night shots (Again, surely the s60 will be a good performer here too?)
- ??

On the other hand, the Canon is easier to hold, the lense is securely stored behind the cover (doesn't look as funky as the Sony in my op), has a wide angle lense, takes more shots on multi-burst mode, gets closer in macro mode, etc.

My question to the experts is: Are there other reasons, apart from features, to go with a Canon over a Sony (or vise versa) - i.e. for reasons of image quality, speeds of use, etc... ???

Like everyone else out there, trying not to go insane making this decision...

Cheers !!
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I am looking at the same two cameras (as well as possibly sacrificing control for size by going with something small like a s500). One major issue that has come up is that the Sony has worse battery life. I will be using it for travel around the world and will need to charge the battery while in cheap hostels. However, the Sony charges inside the camera. I don't want to leave the camera out, charging, for 2 hours and risk it getting stolen. So in addition to buying an additional battery I will need to buy an external battery charger. I also am not sure if the charger provided is dual voltage or not. These issues may not concern you if you don't travel etc. but I thought I'd bring it up.
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