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I bought a Sony P150 recently and find it next to useless indoors, with many blurred photos and as a journalist it is useless. I use it for indoor work and have only had it several weeks, but am at my wit's end and need a new camera quickly. I have a Nikon D70 etc., but this is a small pocket sized camera for functions etc, very portable.

So I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience of the new Canon above. Steve seems to rate it highly, but other reviews and personal experiences would be very handy. I don't want to make the same mistake the second time!

Thanking you in advance.
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You need to take my comments with a grain of salt since this is my first digital camera.

I bought the Canon S70 about 2 weeks ago and simply love it! Being a "newbie" in the digital photography world, I was amazed at how professional my photos looked with very little effort. I took some macro photos of flowers, some portraits and a moving stream, and they looked "magazine" style.

I too was considering the Sony P150, but the wide-angle lens on the Canon S70 was a big advantage. Since youtake indoors shots, you will most definately find the S70's wide-angleVERY useful. Unlike the big open outdoors space, indoors photography often meansgetting into very tight spots. I often find myself backed-up against a wall for those group photos. The S70's wide-angle goes a long way to leviate the problem.

Some reviews say that the flash is too weak but I think it is a nice balance. It isstrong enough but nottoo strong to cause over-exposure. I took some indoors shots at night and with or without the flash, there was very little noise.

The autofocus worked very well with indoors light (or low light). In fact, just for fun, I turned off all the lights onenight and took a picture (with flash) of my living room which was almost pitchblack! I can say that the focus was perfect. I think the "Auto-Focus Assist" lamp did a good job.

I find the battery a bit weak, but I think it was because I was playing with my camera too much (previewing pictures, downloading onto my computer, etc.)

Now, you mentioned that there were may "blurred" indoors photos with the Sony P150... that usually mean that the camera was shaking. With low light (low shutter speed), camera shakes are more pronouced. You may need a tripod. It may not be the fault of the Sony. None-the-less, I'd recommend the S70 over the Sony P150. The Canon S70 has more features and is more reputable for quality (in the photography world). The price differences between them were very small as well.

As you can tell, I highly recommend the Canon S70. Good luck!
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Thankyou so much for your input. I first used the camera at a friends birthday party for fun, just to see how things turned out and I was horrified at the number of blurred shots. So when taking professional photos indoors I took care to make sure the camera was as still as possible given it was hand held. Same results. I used to have an Olympus 5060 which took perfect pictures but it was stolen and so I replaced it with this pocket sized piece of junk. I shall be in Phoenix soon for an event and will certainly trythe S70there and buy if the results are good. Prices are much cheaper over in the USA than in Europe.

Once again thankyou for your input.
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Caution. I have had a Canon S70 for only 10 days and the lens assembly has now failed to retract properly giving an E18 error message on the display screen rendering the camera useless. Browsing the internet I now find that this is aknown problem with the IXUS and PowerShot range andcalls for an expensive repair if the camera is out of warranty.I am going to return the camera for a refund after becoming aware that this is a known fault. Some S70 owners have found this to be a recurring problem with both repaired or replacement cameras. E18 is the fault message generated for a problem with the retracting of the lens assembly. I had expected to use the S70 over the Christmas holiday period but fortunately I have an Olympus 5050Z which I can fall back on, this camera has been trouble free.
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