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Default Canon SD1000 Image and Display problem

I have not found this particular issue on any other forum or any other thread. Please forgive if it is somehow redundant and hand me the correct location to discuss it.

This camera has been solidly reliable all along until this occurred.

Camera not displaying images as seen through viewfinder. The screen is black. Image controls and info can be seen but the picture is just black. Takes photos which are also black; but previously taken photos display when review mode is selected. Camera powers on, lens extends normally all menus and controls display. Photo taking mode AND movie mode both show black screen if the shutter is clicked the captured image is black.

Cursory Troubleshooting consisted of:
Battery removed and reinstalled; powered up normally but no change. Selected "Disp" on and off; tested good but still black screen. Selected all menus and controls to check; all normal but images displayed and captured are black. Selected photo review mode; all images taken previous display normally; any taken after problem commenced are black. Any shutter click since then saves a black image. Interestingly enough, the "black" image can be captured and can also be erased.

Does this register and recollections with anyone? I am completely stumped.
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It's not the LCD since you're seeing menus, photos taken previously, etc.

So, it's likely either a mechanical issue (lens, shutter, aperture, etc.), or you have a component failure (main imaging sensor or supporting component).

Does it do the same thing regardless of mode (to rule our camera settings like shutter speed too fast causing very underexposed images)? I'd try it using full auto and see what you get. If full auto works, then you probably have a settings problem causing very underexposed images. If not (photos still black), then it's probably a component failure of some type (most likely the main imaging sensor or a supporting component).
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