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Setter Dog Apr 9, 2007 6:37 PM

Jeff Keller of DCRP has posted his review of the Canon TX1. I think he pointed out the good features and the not so good features of the camera quite well. In my opinion, the technical weaknesses of this camera can be dealt with rather easily. An 8GB card downloaded each day or so and a spare battery will solve several shortcomings.

A couple of things that were mentioned only in passing, though, concern me. The relatively tiny LCD screen may or may not be suitable for most average users. Then, there's the very important matter of handling qualities. If a tiny camcorder like the TX1 cannot be put into action and operated easily with one hand, it won't work for me. Sanyo Xactis, for example, operate easily with one hand. That was central to their design apparently.

So, I'd sure like to hear from some actual TX1 users about these day to day operational aspects of what looks to me like a break through hybrid camera.

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