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Wondering, I read this article saying that ALL software which comes with digital cameras is inadequate. Is this true?

I've been using my canon A80 software that came with it and I feel like it's working fine, yet it may be because I'm a total newbie to photography.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Most of the software that comes with cameras are basic. For instance, you might get a movie editor which is the basic version and won't let you burn DVDs.

Canon supposedly comes with good software (compared to other digicam bundles). I bought the S1 IS and the bundled software from Arcsoft (PhotoStudio and VideoImpression) is pretty good. If you are just doing basic stuff, the bundled software is probably good enough. But if you are a power user, or want to learn more, you really should pick up a more advanced package. The advanced software gives you many more options and tools. If all you do is to adjust colour levels or just use some basic tools then the basic software is probably good enough...

The "best" for digicams is supposedly Photoshop Elements (if you are a graphic artist then the more expensive Photoshop might be better for you). I think this costs around US$100. Another popular software, especially when it comes to ease-of-use, is Paintshop Pro. There are many other packages that you might want to look at. Usually you can download a trial version that you can try out. Download one or more of these packages and see what you are missing--or not missing.

I'm a newbie so I plan to stick with the bundled Canon software for now. Learning the advanced software (like Photoshop Elements) is a huge undertaking in itself! Furthermore, I'm old school in that I want to take the best picture possible and do as little editing as possible (whereas most people find it easier to edit on the computer).
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Thanks! I found your reply very helpful. I too, am a newbie, and plan to just stick to the canon bundle of software. It seems to be good enough. One problem I am running into though: When I adjust contrast, brightness, color, any or all of these aspects, and then I save. I cannot then upload the jpeg to my flash card (which I then take to costco to print).

Is there any way around this problem? I'm thinking, the only way to alter a picture, brightness, contrast, whatever, and then have it printed, is putting it on a CD and then taking it in. Is that correct?

I agree with you, Sivaram, I like taking pictures and leaving them as I took them. Sometimes though, I find that a little or less contrast/brightness is necessary.

Any suggestions as far as organizing pictures, uploading and downloading photos,backing up photos?
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