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Default Case suggestions for S5 w/lens adapter

I'm going to be taking my S5 on a 5 day hiking trip soon (havent hiked in about 10 years so first hike with a digicam actually). My current case is much to large, its designed to hold everything including additional lenses, battery charger, tripod, cleaning supplies, and sometimes I have squeezed my S1 in there too.

I want to only take the minimum amount of gear since it is a long hike carrying a pack. I plan on taking the S5 with lens tube adapter and UV lens, and thats it. So I'd like a case as form fitting to that as I can. Problem is the extension tube makes it not fit anything I have looked at in stores so I hope you all have a suggestion. I'd contemplate skipping the tube and UV but I have also misplaced the original pieces and lens cover, and I'm not going to take it on a trip with no lens cover. I'd also like it something I could have on my packs waist belt, or possibly attached to the vertical shoulder straps on the pack.

Edit... I guess what I want is a top-loading slr style holster but one made smaller for the nonSLR superzooms. Space and weight is important while hiking, just not sure if they make such a holster.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Well I probably should have looked at some online photostores before I posted! I did find several at b&h that were slr holster style ones but smaller, some specifically for p&s. Infact going by posted dimensions, user comments, and my gut feeling, I think I wont opt for the smallest since they make em even smaller than what I think will fit.

I've picked out the Tamrac 3325 Aero Zoom 25 case, anyone use this before?
Lightweight at 6oz should be good for hiking. I would have gone with the 20 but I dont think the hieght is long enough for the conversion lens tube with a filter and lens cover and the sunshade (placed inside out of course) hopefully this will all fit the 25.
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